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You know when you have that idea of a fantasy run...?


My fantasy run was at The Witterings beach. I’m a bit of a visitor a couple of times a year. Today I had that chance but I never envisaged it being blowy and having to take two dogs and a back pack with me! I couldn’t leave them in the motorhome.

I won’t bore you with the details except to say I set off running at East Wittering only to be halted because one dog decided the 10 minute walk wasn’t long enough to poop! After stopping to pick that up I found the other dog doing the same! Poops in special pocket in back pack I began running again. One dog decided it would be nice to have the ball slinger out of the back pack so that we could play fetch. She pesters until I give in. From then on it’s one eye on having the ball returned to my feet and avoiding a trip up and the other on watching the other not pick up any nasties to eat ( she’s got a loyalty card for the vets).

I only got tripped up once before I reached West Wittering. Yay. I reached the dog bin only to find my keys ( why would I put my keys in there????) have pierced a poop bag and allowed said poop to roam. 🤮

Note to self...hire dog sitter for fantasy beach runs in future 😡

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🤣🤣🤣🤣 that is soooo funny! I tried running with my dogs once ... it was a nightmare! Same as you had to keep throwing the ball and avoid tripping over it when it was brought back then every time I ran my dog thought I must be in imminent danger and kept circling me and barking! Luckily I didn’t have my keys and poo bags in my back pack! I hope your next run is better!


Oh Lord, fantasy it was not! Your memoirs will be quite good, esp the chapter entitled " Running with dog poo". Hope the next chapter is better... but equally funny.

Lots of lessons in there, either don't the dogs running. Or, walk dogs and make sure they've done their business beforehand. Don't take dog slingshot with and make sure they see you leaving it in the motorhome. Lastly, take care where you put your keys.

If you're keen to get them involved, there's probably dog-training to teach them how to run alongside you. I have a Chihuahua, so that won't be happening anytime soon.

Good luck with your next run, can't wait to hear all about it!


Great read. For all their faults, at least cats let you run alone!


What a wonderful fantasy run though with the beautiful sands of the witterings. The pebbles of Southsea beach do not do quite the same in the imagination so it has to be the prom. I think that will be added to my things to do before the school holidays when it gets too crowded .

Question though, I’m still a bit precious about my new running shoes. Do you wear old ones on the beach with sand and salt water? 🏖🏃‍♀️

Dexy5Graduate in reply to Dexy5

Plus, I must add, I don’t have dogs 🐕

I’m on week 7 finished run 1. I ran along Bognor seafront lovely view at 7.30 this morning

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