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sabotaging myself

I should by rights be finishing week7 now,but at the moment I cannot seem to even run for 20 minutes,without stopping to walk! :( I have managed to run 25minutes once even though it was a real challange,so I know I can do it! I did think dropping back & repeating week5 run 3 would help but I seem to be getting worse not better & i know im doing it too myself

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Some runs are as hard on the mind as the body. Don't forget it's been warmer this week and you might be more tired. Go slowly for the first 20 minutes and when you see you can do that, you will probably be able to keep going for another 5 and increase to your usual speed for the last couple of minutes so you end on a high. I had to slow down for 25 minutes , slow further for 28 and then even further for 30 but I just carried on until I'd run for longer so I could get over the time "block". It's very much a mind thing when you reach the longer runs. Have another go after a couple of days' rest and I'm sure you'll crack it :)


I agree with happierswimming. You've put in the work, you've already run for 25 minutes, you know you can do it. I did my first run of week 7 today. I spent the first 10 minutes thinking I wasn't going to get beyond those 10 minutes. It was tough. Then I suddenly realised that although it was tough, it wasn't /as/ tough as it had been on earlier runs, and I just had to get over my negative thoughts. Once I got to 15 minutes I think I was finally properly warmed up, and although I can't say it was easy, I think I found my rhythm and the next 10 minutes passed without incident, so I decided to try for 28 minutes. When I got there I decided I may as well push on to 30 minutes.

I don't know whether I'll be able to repeat it on my next run, or whether today was one of those 'good run' days. But I've put in the leg work ;) and I've done it once, so I know that I can. I just have to keep reminding myself of that every time I run! Maybe an extra rest day would be good for you? It worked wonders for me when I was finding my runs really hard last week. Just keep reminding yourself that you CAN do this.


I think we all have reached the mental wall at some point. You've got this far and you will get through this.

One thought might me to try a different route or time of day to get over facing "this is where I spotted last time".


yeah Ive tried switching routes,its not helping,my daughter suggested just to go out & run,not listen to the podcast as Im obviously counting down the time & waiting for Laura to say how far through I am,will give anything a try just to slay this 25minute monster


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