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Finished week 6 :D

..and Laura says I'm officially a runner! (if she says it, it must be true)

Covered a little over 3KM in the 25 minutes. Felt fine throughout, once over the initial "f*** off have I only been running for 2 minutes" phase.

Even followed Lauras suggestion to up the pace for the last minute. Coincided with a slight downhill section so I started with a bit of a speed up and then gave it the full bananas which felt fantastic (for the few seconds I could keep it up lol)

I think I can see something in the distance over there. I just caught a glimpse of it. Yes there it is, do you see it? That twinkle when the light catches it. I think it must be a graduation badge with my name on it, just waiting for me to catch up to it and pick it up. Another 3 weeks and I reckon it will be within reach.

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Ha ha, that sounds like fun! Yes, you are now a runner! It's Official!!!!! I know what you mean and I think we've all had occasion to disbelieve Laura and swear at her. Poor girl, she's much maligned at times, but she has broad shoulders, thankfully.

When running downhill, at this stage in your running career, resist the urge to go full pelt. Keep control, rein yourself in. It's so easy to get hurt running hell for leather down hill. When you are fitter and stronger then ok but for now, and til you graduate, resist the urge. Capiche?

We want you on that podium receiving your shiny badge, not spending the evening in casualty reflecting on your crocked ankle/knee/back (delete as appropriate)

I know, I know, nag, nag, nag .....


Oh it wasn't really down a hill as such. Just a downhill slope really.

Wouldn't have done it down a proper hill for fear of going a*se over t*t and doing myself a mischief.

It did feel nice to let loose for a bit though.

Once I've graduated I'll have to look into trying to improve my speed a bit. Times when I have run a bit faster have felt more natural. Running at a steady pace always feels a bit "stunted" to me (for want of a better word).


Well done Peter :) it is a great feeling when laura says that :) you are only 9 runs away that badge :D keep going and you will do it :D


Ooooh Peter, you runner , you ! Well that's it , Week 6 in the bag , tied up at the top and carted away, job completed.

All straight runs now , no more intervals , Laura can put her feet up for a bit now as she doesn't have to talk as much :-)

Well done, you've battled back from that dodgy knee and youre going great guns and taking no prisoners .

Congratulations to you and onwards to Week 7 ! :-) xxx

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I quite like it when Laura talks. I think I'll miss her a bit if she doesn't say as much from now on.

I'm not really a one for listening to music too much (I tend to get bored even listening to music that I like).

Once I've graduated and I'm allowed out on my own I'll listen to some more "talky" podcasts. I plan to listen to (and catch up on) some wittertainment.

*Hello to Jason Isaacs*


Well done, take it one run at a time and you'll zip through them.


Well done, it's great when she tells you are a runner. Congratulations another milestone achieved on your c2k journey. No doubt you will catch that badge soon, 3 weeks will fly by!happy running


Congratulations and good luck with W7


Well done - I loved it when Laura said at the end of W6 that I was a runner, in fact I repeated W6R3 podcasts for W7 as well since they were the same distance and I got to hear it over and over! If you're in Cambridgeshire too, you don't really need to worry about the hills. My 'hill' is actually the mildest of inclines up from Buckden Marina into the village, but it felt pretty grim this morning. I've discovered apple juice is not a good pre-run drink - I was really thirsty all the way round. I will buy more bananas tomorrow, which always work for me with a glass of water before I venture out. :)


Just realised it wasn't you in Cambs but slow-rob. Sorry!


No worries, I'm not really all that far away from Cambs. I'm in Northamptonshire.


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