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anyone suffered archilles tenderness?

my last run was Sun(due to working lots and tired legs) was hoping to go out this eve. but ive had an achy pain on my left archilles tendon. it started this afternoon. i cant understand it really as i havent run sicne Sunday ....though for the last few days i have had a discomfort under my arch on the right foot. do you thik its related? i do have high arches but during week 2 i had my gait analysed and bought mild support running shoes so i feel i have done everything right...:( i havent had any problem before but looking back i think my calves/hamstrings havent been as strong as they could

I gave the run a miss tonight as i dont want to aggravate anything but i graduated not quite two weeks ago and dont want to lose fitness...i know a week wont realistically do that but still!

should i wait till weekend and see how it feels?

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sorry the archilless pain / tenderness is my right foot as well as the discomfort on my right arch


I have had sore feet (left primarily) for a few weeks now and just starting to get through it now.

I find lots of loosening and strengthening helped loads. Especially the trick whereby you write the alphabet a few times in the air with your toes done a couple of times a night combined with toe grabs on the carpet.

Those alongside the usual leg stretches and those ones where you stand on the edge of a step and drop and raise slowly.

Everything needs to strengthen up a bit and it takes a bit of time and work but you'll get there.


I've had similar aches since doing 10 miles on Sunday (almost 4 more than I've done before). My ankle and arch started hurting towards the end of the run and my achilles tendon has been slightly sore today (two days later). I haven't been sure how cautious to be but I think I'll follow Greg's tips, I'll try and run tomorrow but I'll be prepared to stop if it seems to be aggravating the pain too much. I've ordered an ankle support too.

It's very difficult to know what to do when it's an ache rather than a pain, isn't it ? Hope yours clears up soon.


I think for me the test is actually running a bit. I get very tight calves especially if I don't stretch properly but if I try running and it loosens up and feels better then I don't think I'm doing any harm. If running makes it worse then time to stop and rest up.


thanks for this- have left it this week and the tendon area feels much better, tender if i press on it but otherwise no discomfort on walking. though the tingly / discomfort under the arch persists.....i will definatley go for a run either sat or sunday and hopefully continue the 3 runs a week. know its only anecdotal but ive heard through a colleague something seemingly insignificnt as over / under tightening shoes can then put undue stress on arches or tendons. they recommended getting proper runing socks which i wil try too.

thanks again


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