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Why does my right hand side hurt and not my left?

I am on week 5, day 2.

I was brand new to running and from the first run felt it in my right hip. Since then, it hasnt disapeared at all. I can always feel it. It isnt agony or anything, or stopping me from doing anything. But, on the same side, i feel leg pain. Normally aching up the front, and in the back in the ankle. It sometimes feels pre crampy, but i havent ever got cramp. This leg pain started when i went on the road for the first time, and i dont get it as bad if i am on grass. I can usually run through it.

I had a gait analysis done yesterday and over pronate, so need to get new shoes (cant afford them at the moment!)

I get no discomfort on my left side at all! What the analysis showed is that i run a bit like a duck, with my feet pointing outwards - but my left was worse than my right - so why is it the right that hurts?

Do you think these general problems will be fixed with new shoes?

Many thanks for any pearls of wisdom!

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I started having problems on one side which involved my hip/knee. After reading on the net, I found my hip problem could be contributed to running on a sloped sided area such as along a roadway or the inside area of curves. This causes the body to be running out of alignment. Once I went back to a flat surface like our community paved walking path, most of the hip pain vanished. My husband had the same problem and I remembered... He had the same results, even non-sloped surface = no pain in the hip. I hope you find what is causing the discomfort! Gayle


Proper shoes will also make a world of difference! My suggestion would be to try and find the means to invest in a decent pair if you want to continue on with the program and not have discomfort.


I have had hip pain previously, though it was completely before I started running, so this may not be relevant. When I went to a physio, she said that the hip which was actually causing the problem was the opposite one to the hip that was causing me pain.

She explained this as when one side isn't working properly, the other side has to compensate for it, causing it to be overworked and thus inflamed and sore. I had a few sessions and then was back to normal. As I say though, this may or may not be the case for you.

If it doesn't sort soon, maybe you should go see the doc and get a referral for some physio on the NHS?


Pineapple, I agree! I had a knee pain and in searching for a remedy I found most often knee problems are caused from foot or hip issues!


I would definately get new shoes if the gait analysis says that there is a problem with running style. & what pineapple says makes complete sense if your left foot is the problem then maybe this is what is causing the right hip pain.

I did all of c25k inside on a treadmill in neutral trainers without any pain at all. once I moved outside I got shin pain. treadmill analysis said I needed cushioned trainers for overpronation, same as you, & once I had my shiny new trainers pain disappeard. I must admit though, the first couple of runs were uncomfortable, I think from getting used to new trainers which made me run a little different from before, but no problems since.

I couldnt afford the trainers recommended either so searched around & managed to get the same ones from an ebay sports shop, after checking their feedback, for half the price of dwsports.

good luck.


I had similar problems when I ran a longer distance in shoes that weren't sufficiently supportive. I started off with pain in my arches and it ended up with a painful right hip and pains shooting down my whole leg. I'm told the hip problem was probably partly due to overcompensating for the foot pain. It took several weeks to clear up , I had to rest it and build up mileage again slowly (still being cautious now) but getting gait analysis and better shoes have improved things a lot.

I also agree that running on uneven cambers etc can aggravate this type of pain as you are out of balance when running so stressing one side of the body more than the other - seek out the flatter parts of the track or road.

I'd suggest that you have a few days rest while you decide on your new shoes, give your aches and pains a chance to clear up - trust me, it might be frustrating to take a few days off running now but it is a lot less frustrating than having a long term injury and needing to see a physiotherapist to resolve it :-)


Thank you to everyone who answered. That is all really interesting and, i think perhaps you are right about the right leg taking the brunt of the left leg being rubbish. I did some hip stretches today, and could tell that my left hip was much tighter than my right! Thanks again!


same problem, due to running shoes worn out, physio said I was basically running on cardboard


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