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Anyone else suffered from calf cramps at night?

Hi all, I finished W5R1 yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night with severe camp in my right calf. Run was great btw! Today have had a very dull ache all day. I just wondered if anyone else had a similar experience. Really want to do my 2nd run of W5 tomorrow but don't want to jeapodise the rest of the plan... Experiences gratefully received :)

Sachelle x

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Yep, happens to me quite often after a hard run. I drink a couple of glasses of Tonic Water with quinine in it (Britvic has it added), some extra salt, bag of salted crisps, does the trick and bananas also help too. It can be very painful sometimes, drink plenty of water as well after a run, dehydration can also be a common cause. Hope this helps.

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Oldgirls suggestions are great!! I hope you feel better soon! You may need to take an extra day to recuperate instead of risking injury. Great job making it to week 5!


Thanks guys will follow your tips :) boo hoo on another rest day was really looking forward to tomorrows run but know you are right :(


Yep, I've had them for years! They haven't got worse since running though. Last year I temporalily gave up my daily banana and they got much worse....took me about 3 weeks to realise the connection. Also Tonic Water is my drink of choice, so that seems to help. Oldgirls suggestions are spot-on!


Eat several bananas each week and drink milk. Both contain minerals your muscles need to work properly (i.e. to not cramp). Good luck!!


This happens to me all the time! Do yoga exercises with your leg before going to bed, giving relief of the pain and a better night sleep :-)


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