Week 7 run...failed twice:(

Oh what an awful second attempt at week 7 run this has been. First attempt was yesterday, all went well up to half way and then I just stopped?!! There was a small hill ahead of me and I started panicking but I managed it on W6R3?? I thought I'd give it a second try this morning and failed again. I feel so low, all pod casts went smoothly, I have not struggled much with them. Shall I try again tomorrow? Any advice is welcome.


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8 Replies

  • Think you should def have at least one rest day before trying again, don't feel down, if you feel you cant carry on let yourself have a 2 minute walk and then run again at least you will still be moving for the whole 25 minutes, keep going you've got this far!! Good luck :-)

  • Miso_14 sorry you are having a bad time in week 7. You've done so well to get to this point, think back to the earlier weeks. This week you are setting out to run for 25 whole minutes now that is bloomin brilliant and so brave!

    Have you tried having an extra days rest, slowing your pace or changing your route to avoid that troublesome hill, or how about going back to W6R3 and using that podcast instead of W7? You've done lots of work and you have also learned how to pace yourself, you CAN do this. Please don't feel bad about not completing the runs, trying is so much better than going back to the couch, its amazing that you keep trying - don't give up!

    Lots of luck on your next attempt!

  • Have your rest day and don't worry. As soon as you get into the longer runs, there are going to be some which are better than others. I had to slow down to do week 7 and slow down some more to do 8 and then even further to get through week 9 so if you've had no problem up to now, then it may be time for you to slow down too. Go as slowly as you need to be sure of completing the podcasts and you can work on speed later. You have built up impressive stamina levels by getting this far (25 minutes running!!!) so just remember what an achievement that is and keep it up :)

  • definately have a rest day tomorrow and maybe Friday too then set out at a slower pace and just keep moving. You got to the bit were Laura says you are a runner and many timesshe has said be proud of yourself and you should be you CAN run 25 minutes,

    Good luck next time out.

  • Oh, thank you so much, your support and advice left me feeling so much better. Definetly a rest day tomorrow and give it a go on Friday.

    Moosele, a change of route it will be as I think my mind played tricks on me because of that hill. I will map a flat one this time: ) thanks again to all and good luck x

  • you're not alone! I've struggled with week 7 too-I did run one on tuesday and nearly stopped half way through-it was only because my friend who I run with had run ahead of me and I thought I might lose him that I carried on, and actually the second half got marginally better after I'd hit that wall. My legs really don't like this 25minute running malarky though, they were protesting all the way through and I felt like I was running at a snails pace. I will persevere though, and considering I could barely run for a minute at a time in week one I do feel proud-so should you! We will get there! :-)

  • I find things soooo much harder on even the tiniest of hills. I do a small uphill run at the start when I've got lots of energy and then run down it right at the end when I'm shattered! Otherwise, it's flat all the way. A really helpful man in a running shop told me running up hill works your leg muscles harder and running downhill gives them a break.

    Definitely, definitely keep ongoing and don't be downhearted! When I was doing week 7 I can remember those runs feeling torturous and I kept asking all my 'proper running' friends when on earth I was actually going to start enjoying this! I'm now running 30 minutes every other day, and it keeps getting easier the more I do it. (And I do actually enjoy it - which I never thought I would say). Believe in the programme - it definitely works :-)

  • You gotta love this site man!! Happy to announce that all went well and am well into W8 :) When I think I may be about to stop (you know those seconds when your mind is about to play it's popular trick on you?) I think of the support and the comments I get on here and just keep plodding :D

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