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All done, onwards and upwards!

I finished C25K last week!! Still can't quite believe it but I did it! I was away in Ireland for the last couple of weeks but soldiered on. It was great to run on the country lanes (as long as I avoided the hills) but I found the best place of all was on the beach. On firm sand and not a hill in sight, it was great, just wish I lived near the sea! I've come back to find the new podcasts in place so it's time to get on with it. How are you all finding them? I hope they will help to maintain the motivation! Thanks to you all for the blogs I have been reading over the last few weeks, it's so good to read how everyone else is coping with the highs and lows - what a great site!!

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Well done!! Don't forget to message JR21 and ask him for your graduate badge :)


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