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I aitn't dead

Well, not quite, anyway. I haven't run since 26th July (over a fortnight ago) and I can't yet see any prospect of me managing a run yet. Last week I was suffering from something vile (could have been 'flu) which saw my temperature peak at 40.8°C. I have recovered from that, just about, but I now have the cough from hell.

I am being driven to distraction. I can't sleep properly, I can't go running and, even more importantly for me, I can't sing. My little boy was also sick last week with a fever but he's well again now and he doesn't have the cough so he's sleeping properly. This leaves him with far more energy than me, which isn't an ideal situation.

But I have been able to sit around on the sofa a bit and watch the olympics, so there is a silver lining. I watched the women's 10K and reflected that I would be happy if I could run 5K in the time! I missed the men's 10K as I had to go to bed, but I watched the (men's) triathlon yesterday. Alastair Brownlee ran the 10K part of that only 90s slower than Mo Farah's winning 10K time. And Mr. Brownlee had already swum 1,500m and cycled for 40K! Unbelievable! And, what's more, because he was so far ahead of the Spaniard who came second, he slowed to a jog and then WALKED across the finish line. I am in absolute awe.

Looking forward to being able to stop coughing and start running again. I'm not going to be worrying the olympic team selectors but I would like to maintain and improve my levels of fitness.

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You poor thing ! I hope you'll be feeling better soon.


Hope you are feeling better soon.


Hope you feel better soon. It's inspirational isn't it watching the Olympics. Went to London and watched the womens Marathon on Sunday oh how I wanted to join them he he :)


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