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Well I've now completed the couch to 5k podcasts and can say that officially I feel like a runner. Never thought I'd say that out loud but I am actually enjoying running. It took a long time I started following the podcasts in March then joined a group of mums who run weekly and now go out 3 times a week running with the mums. We are increasing our run time and last night ran for 45mins non stop. WOW!

So I def. think I can now run to my graduation ceremony but not sure how to do it? Can someone tell me how to get it.

Also just discovered the new podcasts for couch to 5k+ they look very exciting so will be able to follow these when I go on holiday and miss my running mums.

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Congratulations and well done! To get your lovely green badge just message JR21. Your running group sounds fab and how encouraging to have others at the same level of fitness! Lucky you. There are a couple of other mums from my sons school who run but I've seen them and they are much fitter and faster than me. :-( Maybe after I've put some work in with the C25K+ podcasts! :-)


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