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Graduated on Saturday, looked forward to running today. Normally run as soon as I get up but was too busy, so went at 5pm. My Achilles was sore before I went and I only managed 5 minutes. Never had to stop a run before today. I am going to attempt 1st thing tomorrow but going to do week 9 until I feel confident to move on to next programme. Feel slightly dejected......

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No fail - no dejection! You graduated and you have achieved so much, Make sure you feel 100% before you try again. I graduated a few months ago I think and am only just trying the stepping stone. It is HARD! Much faster than I've been running and I couldn't have even started it when I had just graduated. Take your time, you are doing brilliantly and should be very proud of yourself.


Thank you for your comment cattery, think the combination of the tendinitis, the increase in speed and the different time for running all added up to not being able to continue. I feel a bit better now and will get out there 1st thing tomorrow and hopefully get 30 mins done.


I know this is easy for me to say, but my daughter had achilles tendon probs and she had to stop running for at least 3 weeks, so be very wary of pushing yourself too hard. If still hurting on ur next run, it really might be best to delay for a while. Hope it's better next time out though.


I graduated last week after completing every podcast in the plan without fail. I went for my first ever outdoor run yesterday and had to stop after 20 minutes because I'd unknowingly pushed myself too hard! Devastated was an understatement and I felt awful for having to give up.

I was reminded however, that the important thing is that I went and tried it! There's no such thing as failing when we're still putting the effort it :) You've got SO far already and should be so proud of yourself for that achievement. Just take it easy, do what your body tells you to do and you'll be able to enjoy it more!

All the best.


Thanks everyone for your kind words. Went out this morning and ran the w9 again which I managed so am going to continue with this until I feel my body is ready to push it to the next level. I am really bad for giving things up if I can't achieve what I think I should but am determined not to do it this time. I will carry on!


Achilles strain can be a serious injury. Consider getting a new set of trainers with excellent support. They also sell heel inserts for shoes that have less support, but you may need more cushioning to ensure you do not get an injury.

Congratulations on your accomplishment!


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