Couch to 5k T-shirts

Quick update on where we are with the t-shirts. Fastrax/Complete-runner have got the designs from me and are happy with them. They're going to run off a couple of samples and send them to us for a quality check & if we're happy they'll do an initial batch and put them on sale on their website

There was overwhelming demand in my last post ( for a v-neck for the ladies t-shirt, so that's what we're going for. It'll also have some neat detailing on the side - see the 'Ladies Top Cool Panel T-shirt' about two-third of the way down at

The men's will be the 'Easy Dry Technical Tee', the basic version of which you can see at the same address.

They can do all of the colours from the teaser pics I posted a while back ( apart from the green.

This is an initial order and if demand is high it's more likely that Complete Runner will do other versions. So, to help us with the initial order planning, how many people think they'll get one?


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68 Replies

  • Forgot to mention prices. They're likely to be around £15 each.

  • I want one...! It will be my graduation present to myself! ;)

  • Yes please - it's the thought of this T-Shirt that has kept me going and got me to graduation!!

  • do you think JR21 will gve us our badges now- I thought he might be away but this post shows he's around- I'll keep my eyes open on here for yours! :)

  • LOL - I've been doing the same!! We are keen aren't we ;) but it sounds like he has got quite a few requests to get through from the weekend!

  • I want one- am wearing my daughter's old trainers and running pants and tees which I share with husband so it'd be good to get something of my own :) (didn't like to splash out on special clothes in case I gave up but now I've graduated I think it's a hobby that's going to stick! :)

  • Me too! The ultimate graduation present!

  • Count me in :)

  • I'll get a couple! Any chance we could get a vote in for longer lengths?

  • I'll get one! It's quite sad how excited I am :D

  • Yes please. Ladies. Thanks for organising this.

  • I will definately be ordering one, can't wait

  • definitely count me in

  • I definately want one please.

  • Yes please

  • Yes please I'll have one

  • Yes please !

  • Yes please :) fab price

  • I was only thinking today I love C25K so much I'd like a t-shirt. I've just finished week 1 but if (when!) I make it to graduate, then I'm in!

  • Yes please! Been there, done that, got the t-shirt (nearly; on W8R3).

  • Yes please. Thank you.

  • Yes please! I would love it if I saw another C25K running towards me!

  • that would be good. it would feel like part of a running club wearing this :)

  • Yes please, I can't wait to show mine off.

  • Count me in :)

  • Yes please

  • Yes please (if I ever manage that stupid w9 r3)!

  • Yes please :)

  • Yes please

  • Me too! Thanks JR21. :-)

  • Yes please, Thankyou jr21!

  • i'm in! Thanks for organising this

  • Yes please. Should be ready in time for my graduation!

  • yes pls i like the look

  • Yes please I'd like one. Thanks for organising

  • Count me in!!

  • When I graduate, I would love to get a t-shirt please!

  • me me me please - 1 run to go!

  • me please x

  • I would like one or two..

  • Me too, please!

  • Yes please :)

  • yes defo,i want the world to know when ive graduated

  • I'd be keen (only on week two lol)

  • Yes I would love some specially if you do bright colours then the car drivers can see me to swerve around.

  • I'm in :)

  • I'll definitely have at least one ladies tee (great style choice btw), although I'd love to get more (pennies permitting). What length will these be? I'm 5'10" so I don't want it to end up looking like a crop top on me. ;) All the more incentive to graduate now. :D

  • Same here, just under 6 foot - however, looking at the sizing on the website, they seem to be exactly the same (actually says unisex in the sizing description), just labelled differently, so I'm hoping it won't be too short. I usually go for a small men's as they tend to be longer, but if it is in fact unisex sizing, they should be fine.

  • Definitely going to get one.

  • I definitely want one and will buy another one if I'm happy with it. My husband will also want one. Xxx

  • I would love one and like above poster am 5' 10" so longer lengths (or even a vest) would be great.

  • Will be getting one! (As a lady I'm genuinely puzzled by the v-neck issue, but as long as it's a t-shirt I'm happy!)

  • Don't worry, I don't get it either - why is everyone so keen on v necks? :-(

  • No idea, all my ladies running shirts are round necked. I will soon own one of the v-necked Couch to 5k ones, maybe I'll suddenly realise what I've been missing! :-)

  • Yes please. Will Fastrax ship to Ireland.

    On week seven at moment, so will treat myself.

  • Yes please, can now dispense with the black one I'm wearing for camouflage and be loud and proud that I've graduated.

  • yes please great idea - will be my graduation present - so may be some time before I order ;-)

  • I'll want to buy one when I graduate please!

  • yes i will get one, not sure of colour yet :) still wearing my awful trousers and t shirts. something nice to look forward to.

    thanks everyone who has organised thisn - oooooh cant awit!

  • Oooo me too please! Thanks for organising this!

  • I will buy one :)

  • Yes please for me.

  • I will definitely buy one once I graduate! Would love a vest top version too and some sort of inspirational quote across the back - could people from the forum come up with something like that and we all vote for the best? Would also love to have the website address displayed on them somewhere to help properly promote this fantastic programme.

  • I'll treat myself to one of these too when I graduate. 3 weeks to go :).

  • me too, i'll get one thanks! almost a third of the way through now!

  • Yes please and thank you for sorting it out :)2 things to look forward to, graduating and a lovely t-shirt ;)

  • I would love a t-shirt, am I too late?

  • They should still be available. See link in the blog for how to get one.

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