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Graduate T-Shirts

Graduate T-Shirts

For those of you not already aware…

We where asked by the C25K admin to produce a printed t-shirt to commemorate your graduation. Although these are to be purchased individually we are still offering a bulk purchase discount by printing these free of charge (saving you £5.00). We have also added some additional garments that we can also add the logos too.

The attached image shows a Ladies Royal/White and a Men's Red/Black but you can see all the colourways available, and other garments, on our website by following these links.

Men’s Range

Ladies Range

Please note these garments are printed as they are ordered and therefore may take up to 10 days for delivery. For items posted within the UK mainland there will be no additional postage added.



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Thanks for letting us know Andy - there's a few of us coming through on WK6/7/8&9 so you better get ready for some orders anytime soon....and there seems to be loads more in their early weeks too.

.... Malcy has this crazy idea of setting up an official running club for graduates, although it is quite sensible if you think about it, a few hundred new members graduating each year and then no where to keep on going and progressing

... so we might need an official (ahem - discounted) kit supplier! ....


We are a well known brand as a running club kit supplier, hence we where able to respond to the request to supply the t-shirts... We would be very happy to discuss requirments for a club singlet and possibly hoodies and other kit.

Re the "(ahem - discounted) kit supplier".... We are already supplying these tees at a 23% discount and would be prepared to offer somthing similar on other clothing. If you take a look at the kit already offered on our website for C25K Graduates we are discounting everything with the graduate logo.

I think if we where to go down the route of an official club kit then we would have to narrow the selection of colours to keep it uniform and a club name relevant to all members rather than waiting until you have graduated...Possibly NHS Runners. This of course would require approval from ADMIN......

All ethods of contacting myself can be found on the cotacts page of our website in the links above..

Just for info... the fabric for our singlets is manufactured and dyed in Nottingham and they are cut/sewn in Halifax.


Thanks for the additional info Andy - and I have just been looking on your site too... and yes I see they're already very good value & discounted too...

In terms of the club - it's still early days yet and largely just an idea at this stage - but mainly as somewhere to graduate into but also to be recognised/affiliated membership for UK athletics - so when people are running in the organised great runs etc they can list their club as C25k graduates (or what ever name is agreed/approved).

and such a small world - I live just outside Halifax!


The T shirts look good. Ordered mine yesterday in yellow. Just so everybody can see my achievement. Anticipating its arrival. All being well I should graduate on Saturday. W9R2 today.

Thanks for the discount. Much appreciated.


Received mine promptly from you a couple of weeks ago and I love it - great quality and for me a record of my achievement


Thanks for the link, I have just ordered my shirt. I will begin week 9 tomorrow, so hopefully I will get the shirt shortly after graduating!


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