T-shirt design

T-shirt design

So here it is, the proposed design for the Couch to 5k t-shirt. We've gone for a black or white design as this means it'll work with any colour of wicking t-shirt. The images (which I couldn't upload satisfactorily here so have put on Flickr) show a standard t-shirt design but I will see if Fastrax/Completerunner-online.com can offer it in other styles. We've made one small change already which is to change the NHS Choices logo to the url for Couch to 5k.


Let me know what you think!


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55 Replies

  • Fair do's they look awesome! Hopefuly they'll come in big fella sizes?! :-)

  • Nice!


  • I like!!! :D

  • Nice!

    Hopefully V neck can be offered.

  • Great!

  • Does what it says on the tin. I'd like to see a lower hip length, shaped and fitted ladies t-shirt.

    I'd definately have more than one. I've inspired 8 people I know of to start C25K and given I've lost and am maintaining a 6 stone weight loss I'd love to spread the word and be an ambassador for the programme.

  • Looks great !

  • I will definitely buy one of these when I have graduated! I love the different colours, will probably get a couple of different ones (would never be able to choose between yellow and pink, haha)

  • Niiiiice :)

  • Great! :D

  • They look great! I will definitely buy a couple and would also like to see a v neck and slightly longer length. Love all the colours.

  • wow amazing cant wait to get 1 but which one theyall look great.

  • I would certainly buy one when I graduate (eventually as coming back from injury) but I WANT ONE NOW (stamps foot and has mini tantrum). Any chance of a version for those of us still on the journey? personally I prefer the white logo versions to the black logo ones so I'd probably go for the blue T

  • Cool, I too will buy one when I (eventually) graduate.

    I also prefer the one with the white logo and would prefer a longer length women's fit :)

  • +1 Very nice.

  • WAAAAANNNNNTTTTTT!!!!!! They look fab!

  • I didn't realise these were only for graduates. Very nice though and good design and colours - and I've only one more run to go.....

  • Good point Christian. We ummed and ahhed about whether to have the 'graduate' element in the design. In the end we decided to as the biggest demand for the t-shirts has come from graduates who really want the t-shirt to help celebrate their achievement

    Also, we thought that by the time many people are established confidently on the programme to the extent they want to get the running top, they may be relatively close to graduation any way and the t-shirt can be something to work towards.

  • i'd want something to wear now, i'd prefer a cream cake when i graduate :)

    i wouldn't be bothered about buying it afterwards, it seems like i'm the only one though.

  • Love it. Will definitely buy one as a reward when I graduate (probably in pink), maybe even two :) I'd also be keen to see in a v-neck style, but will take what there is. I'll be graduating in 4 weeks, so I hope they'll be ready by then!

  • I am getting one!

  • Look really good. Any idea how much they will cost?? I will prob get a couple and also the wife will want hers too ha ha. They look excellent!

  • Look good. Also like the graduate thing, it's something to aim for, a prize. There's a thought can you make medals too please? Jim'll fix it style - Laura fixed it for me - medal? Ta.

    Will these T shirts be the technical wicking variety? I fancy one of those.

  • duh. ok I just read the post properly, they are wicking. silly me.

  • Ooh yeah, I'd like a 'Laura Fixed It For Me' medal! :D

  • I'd like a 'Laura Fixed It For Me' medal too :)

  • They look great. :) T-shirt style is good for me (so long as the neck hole isn't tiny like on some tops), but any chance of a teal colour (between the blue and the green) and maybe purple (darker purple rather than pinky or lilac) too? I'd definitely want at least one, but probably more, depending on colour choices. Also, when ready, can we have an accurate sizing chart please (eg. chest xx", hips xx", length xx", etc) rather than just 'Large' or 'Ladies size 14', as generic sizes vary so much between manufacturers.

    Can't wait to earn one of these now. :)

  • By the way, what does the text actually say? It goes all fuzzy when I try to zoom in.

  • It says 'couch to 5 k GRADUATE' at the top and at the bottom of the logo - 5K, NHS Choices.

    If you go to 'view all sizes' on the top right of the Flickr site you can get a larger picture where you can read it.

  • Thanks. :)

  • Can we have a close-up of just the logo uploaded please - we know what a T-shirt looks like ! Saves faffing around with zooming 'n stuff.

  • love 'em! Hope the site stays up for about 10 years because most of my Tees have to last that long! :)

  • Look great

  • These are fab! Would definitely prefer a v-neck ladies fit though, with a good length on it!

  • OO OO OO! EXCITED! Cant wait!

  • Ooh one more run and want a pink one. Such a girl!

  • These look fabulous! Another bright (non pink!) colour like purple would be great but even to have 6 to choose from is amazing, so I'm not complaining!

  • Very nice and pleased with the design

  • Love them - when can we buy one (or maybe two) :-)

  • Love it, Love it, Love it. Will be just in time for my Graduations dare I say. ;)

  • I love them! and excited about ordering mine soon enough!! :D xxx

  • Is there anything on the back? Front looks great and will deffo buy one but just wondering about the back.

  • An inspiring running quote would be great. Or (pinching a line from Starlight Express) 'this is my back view and it's all you'll see'. ;)

    Printing on the back as well tends to push the price up though. :(

  • There isn't anything on the back. I quite liked the idea of 'NHS Couch to 5k Running Club' on there as I know everyone here feels like they below to a club, but as Legion says below printing on the back does push the price up.

  • That would be brilliant :) Want everyone to know I belong to a running club :)

  • Love! V-neck would be awesome. Get a purple in there, and we'd have one for each day of the week!

  • Oh I so want one when I graduate! as long as they come in ladies fit too

  • Well done thanks for this I'm def having one, it will be interesting to see how many we see when we are out running

  • Look fab! I agree with the other ladies, A nice V-neck and longer length would be awesome. I would wear it to the gym to inspire others :)

  • Looks great - can't wait to buy one or more. One question which lots of us have asked - will it come in V-neck or doesn't that work with a logo on the front? So many women prefer V-necks, it seems.

  • They look fantastic. Thanks ever so much for thinking about this and designing the t shirt.

    I can't wait to graduate so I can wear mine with pride :-)

  • I'd also like a v-neck ladies fit one. How about "Team Laura" on the back?? He He!!

  • Nice.

  • Looking good! Now just need to graduate! ;-)

  • REALLY lovin' the look! and the colors are great! (I'm sidelined with an injury right now, but when I graduate, I WANT that shirt!) Thanks for designing this!!!!

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