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WK4R1 - Again!

Got my gait analysed over the weekend, with the hope that it would stop the pain in my hip. Apparently my lovely Sketchers trainers aren't supportive enough even though I am apparently a "neutral runner". Have to say it was being described as a "runner" that pleased me more than anything - and made me buy new Brooks ;-)

Anyway I decided to do week 4 again, starting this morning, as have not quite managed to complete that final 5 minutes yet. Sun shining and feeling very positive, I got round albeit with a 30 sec walk in the middle of that last 5 minutes.

But I am much more positive, not in any pain - and determined to keep going.

As ever thanks to everyone on here for blogging - it is reading what you guys are all up to that keeps getting me up in the morning :-)

Hope sun shining where you are.

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