I did it! Week 5 run 3 completed!,

Just given myself the hugest Christmas present ever!! I completed the dreaded W5 R3. In fact, I actually ran for 25 minutes. I couldn't see well enough in the dark to sort Laura out. She was going at double speed, and I couldn't slow her down so I used the stop watch on my phone instead. To be honest, I liked the quiet, and found myself in a sort of peaceful zone. It was easy, and I never, in my wildest imaginings thought I'd ever be able to say that.

If I can do it, anyone can, honestly. Woo hoo!!!

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  • Well done you! Brilliant Christmas present. Now for week 6!!!!!

  • Well done that is a fantastic present

  • Congratulations! It's a great feeling to hit that milestone, soon you will be the proud owner of a graduate badge! Yay! :-)

  • Well done , what a great gift , great to get that one out of the way . Onwards & upwards from now .

  • Well done, what a mile stone...you are well on your way to a graduate badge now :)

  • It's a fantastic milestone isn't it? Well done. :)

  • There ain't no stopping you now........you're on the move! Congratulations and good luck.

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