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Does anyone have any tips or encouragements for my w6 r3?

Ok So I'm into week 6 and have only just found out about this website/community! Been reading some of the questions and blogs now and have a question to ask/ panick about. I've noticed that quite a lot of people seem to fail their first try at wk6 r3" and I'm about to do it tomorrow so any tips or strategies on how to survive it would be most welcome! I'm starting to get nervous, especially as I found w6 r1 and 2 really really hard!

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For a start don't forget that most of us found all of the programme hard - not just week 6! Secondly, you've already run for 20 minutes, so you know you've built up the strength and stamina to do more than you ever dreamed possible. This week has been hard because it's working towards being able to do run 3! Now you've done those two runs from hell your body is ready - now it's just your mind. At this stage it really is a question of mental attitude.

Why not go out and have a go, but don't pressure yourself. Think about running for 20 minutes, and then see what happens after that. I'm sure you'll suprise yourself. Don't forget, we've all been through this and come out alive! Very good luck and trust in Laura!


I've found all the long runs hard and I've had to slow down a little more each time to complete them, but I'll worry about my speed when I've persuaded my mind and body that I'm not giving up until I've done 30 minutes. It's very much a mind thing- mine even tells me that if I just go a little faster, it'll be over sooner- crazy when I KNOW it's 30 minutes!

If you've done the runs up to now, you will be able to do wk6r3- trust Laura and yourself and slow down as much as you need until it's done. Let us know how you get on :)


Oh thank u guys! I'm sure ur both right, it must be a case of mental strength as I'm sure they wouldn't put the run in there if our body wasn't ready for it! I do just need to be determined. I'll try it tomorrow and report back. ; )

Ha ha about the speeding up thing, I think I'm the same, which is INSANE at this point; but like u said we don't need to worry about that yet.


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