First Timer, needing to lose DRASTIC weight before my wedding! 172 LBS to 125 ideal target by July 4th! Does anyone have any tips for me?

I'm getting married in July, and in the last 4 months, have had serious problems with weight gain. I need to lose at least 40 lbs before I get married and I'm an asthmatic with a puffer so am able to start pursuing running. I haven't done any before because of fear and embarrassment so now I really need help to start on such a huge journey. Does anybody have any good tips tricks and hints or help that I could use to start me off?


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  • Yes..If your are truly serious 1st suggestion is a personal trainer and weight watchers or some sort of nutrition group to give you structure and guidance...running alone won't do it. But you can lose the weight. ..good luck!

  • I have been following Slimming World and have lost nearly four stone. It has been pretty painless and really simple to follow. You can go to group or follow online. Thee are some great unofficial FB groupsvwhere people share recipes. All healthy stuff and normal food. Good luck.

  • I used to feel embarrassed, I still do at times. I just think of my end goal and I've realised nobody really takes much notice of you anyway. In my gym I'm one of the biggest girls I've seen but can honestly say I don't think anyone has noticed, people are too busy getting on with their workouts! Good luck.

  • First thing I would say is dont look at the overall picture, that will seem very daunting. Break it down into smaller goals, half stone sections, and at the end of each half stone, treat yourself. Maybe get a charm bracelet and buy a special charm for every half stone, anything to mark each step. Start the running, and take it steady. And dont get too stressed about the wedding - it will be a fabulous day, marking the start of a new chapter. Enjoy

  • I really love this idea of adding charms to a bracelet to mark stages of something. Best wishes.

  • Weight watchers is good, it's a change of eating habits rather than a diet, so you should still look like you do in your wedding photos years after the wedding ;)

  • The Couch to 5K programme will help to support any Weightloss - it also helps you tone up, feel great and less stressed, so it's a great way to go. And there's good support on here. It is a bit scary getting out there to start with, but that feeling soon goes and you really start seeing the benefits very quickly - good luck, and let us know how you get on

  • I think you have left it a bit late to realistically lose a lot of weight in the time you have allotted to the task. If you do something drastic it won't really be healthy.

    If you start eating a sensible calorie controlled diet, and take up running, you will lose weight but maybe not as much as you have stated you want to lose by July

    You don't want to make yourself ill by crash dieting and I would definitely recommend weightwatchers and embarking on c25k

    Good luck

  • I have to say that I agree with you. Too many people go on diets thinking that it can be done in a short time like a quick fix. DarthRosie23 needs to take some of the advice about controlled dieting and remember that being overweight happened gradually and losing that weight will healthily take the same amount of time. I have lost 2 stone and lost it a lb/month through sensible eating and a mega amount of exercise. Good luck

  • right...I am also an asthma sufferer...and I just completed a HM with my inhaler in my pocket!!! I started by running in the dark with a headtorch so no-one could see me till my confidance went up. I would also recommend using Myfitnesspal combined with the running/ other exercise. I lost 1.7 stone and it wasn't hard....All the very best :)

  • JuicyJu you did a half marathon and you're an asthmatic! Geesh you put my little runs to shame. Well done on doing the half marathon.

    DarthRosie23 - good advice on here. You've got the best motivational reason to get fit and lose weight - your wedding day! It's hard to not feel self conscious, but ask yourself this. Is it better to be on the couch, eating unhealthily with your wedding day fast approaching, or is it better to get out there, start the programme and have a sense of achievement? Okay it's a loaded question, but you know what I mean. Get out there and start. Keep logging your progress. We're all here to support you. Good luck

  • When I first started C25K I also started to use to log what I was eating.

    I was amazed to find how much I was adding to my diet with the "little things" (e.g. a bag of crisps here, a slightly larger portion there).

    All in all I lost around 6 or 7 stone (around 40kg) over the space of several months.

    For me the combination of exercise (C25K and 2 trips to the gym each week) and healthy eating (and using the above site to make sure I wasn't cheating myself) worked wonders.

  • I'm asthmatic, old (er) and was over weight when I started running. Its doable but they do say 2lbs a week is a sensible amount to aim for. That leaves you a bit short of time to reach your overall target but most brides to be run around like lunatics for the 6 weeks before their wedding and often lose weight without even trying. You've already lost a huge amount of weight so its working for you so don't try and fix something that's not broken, keep on doing what you are doing and used to. If you can slot in some exercise on your rest days, anything but running and something that will help burn the calories. Wishing you all the best and please keep us posted on your progress :)

  • Healthy eating plan in with the running. I'm a slimming world girl, my sisters a weight watchers girl. Find what works best for you, If you put your mind to it and are focused you can easily lose 3 stone in that time and yes it is possible to keep it off!! Try this ladies blog on Facebook for inspiration - weight loss bitch.

    Just start trying and you will be amazed at what you can achieve x

  • Hi. I lost 50 pounds over nine months. It was a measured, steady weight loss. How? It was no miracle. In fact I still can't believe that it took me the best part of 35 years to figure out that sensible eating, which I achieved with Weightwatchers and regular exercise, with long dog walks and c25k in the first instance and regular runs since, are in fact all you need to do to lose weight.

    Just like the running, the sensible eating thing is just as much a mental challenge as a physical one.

    You can do it.

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