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Week 5 Run 2

I've never blogged before but have been on the site and thought I might contribute to let you know how motivational I find it to read about everyone elses experiences.

I am sticking to the programme and I'm both surprised and elated at the success I've had. I still can't believe it and always think that the next run will be the one that I will find too hard and will result in giving up. As has happened in the past. But here I am in week 5 and I've loved it.

Yesterday I was faced with the challenge of Week 5 run 2 and really didn't believe that I could run two lots of 8 mins without stopping. So I read the blogs and was encouraged to give it a go. And guess what- I did it and it feels brilliant!!! I plan to run the biggie - Week 5 Run 3 on Saturday so I'll be back reading the blogs and absorbing all that motivation and encouragement from all you wonderful bloggers.

I'm just starting to believe I might actually become a runner. Who'd have thought?!

You have all made a big difference. So THANK YOU.

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Well done :) great work!


Well done from me, too! We're at the same stage - I have the Wk 5 Big one coming up either tonight or tomorrow. I don't know whether to be excited or terrified...

I know exactly how you feel by the way. It's amazing how doing this plan makes you want to blog & let everyone share in your success, and how motivational it is to share your journey with the others in the C25K community.

I will be cheering you on from my laptop on Saturday. Good luck!


Good luck Scipio - let us all know how you get on. I'm really dreading the 20 minute run but "In the plan we trust". If hundreds have done it before us then so shall we. How good will it feel to overcome that challenge?!!!


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