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Week 5 run 2 tonight!

Hi all just found you! Just in time I think too. I'm onto week 5 and run 2 is tonight.....Now worried as I made the mistake of googling week 5 only to see it seems to be a bit of a rubicon. Like Everest I guess. Wish I hadn't researched it tbh

Do many get past it?

Seems not from all the blogs!! Slightly concerned as I've "enjoyed" it so far..perversely being out whatever the weather has been really rewarding running through the rain and in freezing weather..

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Hi Laurie, welcome to this forum - a little oasis of friendly, supportive, inspirational running types in the large desert of t'internet.

Everyone (repeat everyone) gets nervous about W5r3 and everyone (well, practically everyone) comes back onto this forum and says "I did it!!". You will be the same.

It's all about psychology... Laura has trained your body to be capable of the runs in W5... it is just the little head gremlin that is telling you that you can't do it.

Let us know how W5r2 goes tonight - post back here and tell us how you got on. We'll all be here to cheer you across the finish line and build you up ready for The Big One early next week.

You've heard Laura say this many times already: "You can do this".


Hi laurie :) dont worry about that run , do your 5/2 run as you have been doing :D , yes pretty much everyone looks at that and says how can i do that etc etc . the reality is you will do it and you will beat those head gremlins and look back and be amazed ..

C25 K is as much a mental challenge and changes your life and your outlook , it is that good , so just take it slow and steady and dont go off too fast , you will rock it !! :D


Hi Laurie, I did it just over a week ago. Just take it easy and if you find it tough going, slow down. No need to race! The feeling afterwards is well worth it and you can do it if you have followed the programme so far.


Hi. I felt exactly the same as you during week 5. You have tested your body in weeks 1-4 and this week you're testing your mind. It's the only thing stopping you. I had head gremlins (I posted before W5R3 saying I just didn't see myself as someone who could run for 20 mins. I am now on week 7.) tell your gremlins to ...ahem .. go away when they strike. Ask yourself - can I breathe? Are my legs falling off? The answers will be 'yes' and 'no' respectively, so keep going. Look at something in the near distance (20 seconds or so of running away) and head for that SLOWLY. All this is good advice I got on the fourm.

Maybe try reading some more week 5 posts - most people do get to 20 mins and they feel great afterwards. And post when you've smashed that 20 minute run so we can cheer you on


You'll be fine. That run is more a mental challenge than physical one and Laura has brought you this far and won't abandon you now! Slow and steady is, as ever, the order of the day. Lots of people get past this and we will look forward to seeing you post that you've done it :) In the meantime enjoy run 2 and when you do run 3 all you are doing is joining up the two R2 runs together.


Hi Laurie , I have just completed the gremlin run this morning and like you was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to survive but guess what ....I did and I know you will too.

Like others have said this is the point when its about mind over matter and getting past that point of wanting to give up.

I have music playing over the podcast which i find really helps with longer sections of running as it seems to take away the desperation to hear Laura's voice telling you how far you have left.

Good luck and am sure you will over come your gremlins and be back posting about your success soon x


You will be able to do it and it is the most amazing feeling when you do - I nearly burst into tears in the middle of the road! :D The feeling you get about an hour after is just brilliant. Good luck - come back and tell us how you got on.


Thanks everyone for your inspiring comments. I'm leaving it late and going out at 10pm tonight ( the mandatory 3 hours after eating) that I've picked up on as gospel?

In truth I could have gone earlier and eaten later but decided to stand firm to my character and put it off for as long as possible ๐Ÿ˜‰.

I'll report back later!! Laurie ( the midnight jogger)...


I did week 5 run 3 last night. I would have laughed at you only a couple of weeks ago if you said I could run for 20 minutes but I did. You can do it :-)


Oh there you are Laurie, whereve you been ? Weve been sat here waiting ages for you ha ha :-D

You can do it, you really can. Everybody on here felt exactly the same about Run 3 , and then we all came back on here saying that we had done it and felt ecstatic !

You are ready, believe it . Chop it up into little five minute chunks. Take it slow and dont panic .

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Thanks to you all i made it Week 5 day 2 is done and dusted! Feel great although the moderate climbs felt like mountains!! Feel really good but how thus translates to week 5 day 3 I'll never know. What I do know is that I'm going for it and most can't wait till Monday night too ave a go!

The Tunbridge Wells 1/2 marathon passes my front door tomorrow morning. There's my inspiration... Next year

I'll be there haha! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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