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panting in the rain

Just completed my first week! Go me, oh yeah! I am so proud of myself.

I still sound horrendous when I run, huffing and wheezing. One thing I noticed today was that I was getting slightly further during each 60 seconds of jogging. For example, on the first run, the first minute took me to the edge of the swings. Today, I passed the swings. So it isn't a big increase, but I must be running ever so slightly faster. This I noticed all the way round.

Other things of note:

I like running in the rain. I was a bit put off from going out in it, I thought I'd hate it, but found it really nice. Plus I felt like a proper runner, going out when the weather was bad, and seeing my feet splash through puddles. This has the added bonus of stopping my trainers looking quite so luminous white too!

I also discovered that I am a bit pathetic when faced with large dogs. I came round a bend in the path, saw an akita off it's lead, and managed to do an about turn and run away without breaking my stride! And I know thats not what you are meant to do with dogs, but fight or flight must have kicked in. I waited for my other half to loop back to me and he ran between me and the dog. For the record, I don't think the dog even noticed I was there.

One other thing - I am going to start taking a swig of gaviscon before I run. I have been troubled with reflux before and am on medication, but this jogging around seems to make it worse. I checked with my GP who gave me a bottle of gaviscon advance so I'll try to remember to neck some before I go out on my next run. Hopefully it'll do the trick.


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Well done on completing the first week in spite of the dogs.


I'm not keen on dogs either, having been bitten a few times by a large Rottweiler a couple of years back... tonight I turned around and ran in the other direction when faced with two German Shepherds... I'm sure they would have been Ok, but I'd rather not find out..!


Crossed the road this morning to get away fom a big dog! Next week you'll be thinking, oh I used to walk this bit now I'm running it.


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