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W9R1 - the runners high is back!

I was a bit apprehensive about this run as I had struggled enormously on W8R3 to reach the 28 minute mark due to my overindulgence the day before…. Never mind adding on 2 more minutes! My expectations for this run were low to say the least.

But… I did the 5 minute warm up walk, covered over the treadmill display (to stop me from clock watching) and away I went. I always find the first 5 or so minutes tough while I get my rhythm going but settled into my shuffle fairly well. I’m sure it was better because I was listening to my own music as well.

I took a sneaky peak at the treadmill display to find I had been ‘running’ for nearly 24 minutes. Pleasantly surprised I covered it back over and jogged on!! After a few more minutes or so I could feel my posture starting to go but I was listening to a song I really liked so thought ‘I’ll stop with the end of the song' as I was sure I wasn’t that far away from the 30 minute mark.

Errr, 30 minutes…. Make that 35!!! How did I do that??!!! *punches air in delight*

Welcome back my hidden inner Kenyan – I’ve missed you!! :D

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