W9R1 - meep meep... Road runner today!

Week 9, Run 1 today... I just don't believe it, week 9 already, it's flown by :)

I encountered snow, bitterly cold strong wind blowing me backwards, rain and then sunshine - all in a 40 minute outing, how very ridiculous! It didn't put me off, I found the changes quite comical and refreshing, I think I'd have run through anything the heavens chucked down at me today :)

My run started as usual on the canal, but I soon had to change up the route and turn back as the slippy mud, combined with the rest of the peculiar weather was rendering it impossible to stop sliding all over the place, so onto the roads I went, carefully avoiding the cruel hill that beat me in week 6. ;)

Laura was significantly more informative for this run and I welcomed her extra time updates and encouragement as I snailed along the streets, me versus the elements, just my own waddley bottom today, having abandoned my beaked canal buddies in favour of the safer, mud-free paths.

30 minutes passed very quickly, with plenty of road runner distractions, dog poo hazards (disgraceful, I have good mind to write to the council to ask for more poo fine warning signs, it was making me quite cross and fuelled a good 5 mins of faster fired-up snail running;)) and lots of passing cars, with passengers likely amused at my efforts to move forward against that wind :)

Quite enjoyed my odd run today, no thoughts of stopping and no gremlins to contend with - phew! Just two more runs til badge day :)

Happy running all, Nat x


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  • Hey you are on the 'home run' just two more before graduation. Well done, I'm looking forward to seeing you at the finishing post. Meep Meep, love it!

  • Thank you :) I was imagining Wiley coyote was behind me too whilst I was meep meeping... Made me go a tad quicker ;) good luck with your next run x

  • Sounds like a lovely run Nat, and good decision to abandon the canal on a day like today. I love your description, can almost feel the rain and snow in my hair (luckily my nose is blocked, so I can't smell the dog poo).

    Only two more runs!

  • Well done Nat. I was wondering how you were getting on with your graduation week runs. I even thought ah she may not fancy it today.. WRONG :)

    Fantastc run in horrible conditions

    Keep it up :)

  • Thank you Jan :) Yes, I did feel a bit bonkers braving 4 seasons in 40 mins but glad I did. Love this running, Friday for run 2 :) hope you're doing good x

  • Sounds like a great run - not long now. I hope you have something special planned for your graduation run!

  • Thanks Ully, my graduation run will be on Mother's Day and my small people will be high fiving me, that's pretty special! :) hopefully it will be dry and bright too, then it will be even better ;) thank you for your support x

  • Well done you, sooo very close. My Wk9r2 was disaster, (see post) never running on treadmill ever again. Cold and snow seems v attractive. Confidence now in shreds!

    As forbyou, go girl, nearly there!

  • Oh Bels, no! I'm going to read your post now, I'll reply on there x

  • Hey, Nat - only two more runs and you're smashing it! Love to read about your successes and can't wait to see your shiny new badge. I have my first "free" run tomorrow and am luxuriating in all the options. I bet I change all my plans tomorrow morning though.

    Are you graduating on Sunday? I'll be thinking of you pounding along your canal, braving the wind with a big smile on your faceπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€

  • Oooh, I can't wait to hear what you do on the free run! That's exciting and scary too :) Yes, hopefully Sunday for graduation run... With a little of your symbolism as its Mothers Day - will never forget my runniversary that way! :) Have fun tomorrow x

  • My symbolism went completely out of the window! All that waffle about my son's birthday etc. and then I brought my runs forward when there was a change to my business trip! Couldn't wait to graduate. Fairly typical - shows I'm adaptable I suppose!

  • Yeay Nat!!!!!

    Beautiful, expressive post...( even including your waddley-bottom :)

    Go you too, for just getting out into that weather and just shrugging off everything that was thrown at you!

    Always best to err on the side of caution when in close proximity to water. It's okay for the beaked buddies, not good for a trainer clad human!

    Your run sounds wonderful and filled with an exhilarating mish-mash of weather, hazards, delights and success!

    Great first run...two to go ! Eeeeekkkk!

    I can't wait for your next post... you hang in there girl! xxx

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