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Back on the horse. Despite a minor *poop* in the road - W9R1


Today I decided to kill two birds with one stone and run home from work! The walk normally takes half an hour so I took a chance and decided to lenghten my route. I hit the halfway mark and everything was going swimmingly! Yes, I was SUPER glad to be running again.

Then, of course, the inevitable happened. My body decided it was time for a (pardon me for being so crude) number two. This has happened before, but fortunately I was near a public toilet and my run was almost over. At this point, I just had to stop - 15 minutes in - and do some serious re-routing/bum-clenching. I found my way to a nearby pub (I did run there, in fairness), frantically pushed past hoards of drinkers, and made use of the facilities ASAP. Needless to say I was disappointed that my call of nature could not have been postponed for a mere 15 minutes longer. Anyway, I started up again and began to run for the remainder of the 30 minutes, this time extending my run by around 10 minutes (through the warm down and then some) in order to make up for the extended pause. I ran all the way home and thoroughly enjoyed it. After a truly terrible day at work I now feel totally refreshed and balanced again. It's true what they say about those endorphins. Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement, too. No more negativity from now on :D I'm going to graduate this week and feel soooooo proud!

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Funny you should mention number 2s, I am also on week 9 hoping to do final run on Saturday, every time I run I get a sudden urge to go! I presume our bodies take a bit of time to get used to running. ? Sure someone on here will have the answer

lucieiecul in reply to jenman1

Maybe so! It may have been the time of day as well... Normally if I run before breakfast I'm okay.

They do say coffee and a run makes things move along if you're constipated, though! Amen for public toilets!


Nowt better than a good run to kick that digestion into gear - eat ya heart out, All Bran. :D Well done for getting those trainers on and booting the Mojo out of the cupboard in your mind - graduation is in sight!


Very good to hear you got yourself up and out .. Almost there ... A little more thorough pre-run poop planning next time!

I always go before I go, as it were.

Oh this has made me LOL!!

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