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The morning after the day before

Yesterday was Wk 1 Day 1.

Been preparing with loads of power walking, losing weight, but still got out of bed and thought: Hello calves, didn't expect that. But overall feeling good. I'm half way on my weight loss journey but still have another 1st 6lbs to go.

The monkey I've got to get off my back is the dreaded cig's and I'm hoping that this will be part of my drive to achieve that.

I have a spinal fusion so I'm concerned about that, additional abdominal surgery has left me very weak around the core, but again hope that C25k will motivate me to increase core exercise's that physio thinks I should do for the rest of my life, but he's not so keen on me doing this, we'll see who's right - hope it's me.

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Gosh, I hope IS you that's right about this!!

On the smoking issue, if you *really* want to stop, try the book "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking" ... you can get it from the library, I did and stopped immediately (from 20+ per day!). Good luck :)


I second the Allen Carr boo. I quit 5 yrs ago alter reading his book. Good luck!! :)


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