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Day 1 C25k COMPLETED!!!

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Well I did it!!!!! I got my morbidly obese body to complete day 1 (on my 1st attempt I didn't quite complete it!) and I actually LOVED it!!!! I'm feeling so proud right now & I WILL get rid of this weight & I will enjoy running!!!! Please forgive my self pride I'm not normally like this but this is a HUGE achievement for me!!!

Happy running everyone!!!


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Very well done NikkiSu! You sound very chuffed and so you should be. You've taken a very important first step towards a healthier you. Keep posting, keep running very slowly and you'll be amazed just what your body can do.


Excellent, well done Nikki! It may feel hard some days and easy on others, but going steady and slowly and trusting this program will take you very far!!

I should really do a cut and paste of IP post ;)

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Wahay Nikki! Doing a little dance of joy for you. Tiddle dee, tum ti tum. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Go you!

Stick with the programme and the healthy eating, get some walking done and you'll be a new woman. Take your time with the sessions. No need to worry about speed. Slow is just lovely for this. In fact it's key to success at it.

Have fun! It's a blast x


Well done - you won't regret taking this step!



Big up for getting out there and nailing that sucker! And please feel free to totally milk the feeling of pride and accomplishment! You deserve it.

I'm doing W1R3 today and although I'm dreading it, I'm taking my own advice and I'm going to give it my best shot after a good 2 day rest and LOVE the feeling afterwards because that's mainly what I'm doing this for now. Gawd knows the actual running bit isn't much to write home about. :)

And don't forget that even after your run, your metabolism will now be burning extra calories.....It's all good, good, good!


Well done. I think that on here we are all allowed to be a little proud of ourselves for getting out there and getting fitter and healthier and enjoying it!


Well done on starting this - the programme really works and you should get good health benefits from it if you can stick at it. Take it slowly and combine it with healthy eating. Good luck.


Well done you should be proud. Week 1 Run 1 is the hardest run in many respects and you have done it!!! You will do it and you can do it!!! Its a great programme and if you listen to Laura you will be amazed at what you will be able to achieve in 9 nine weeks.


Well done you, I am still in my first week so it is early days for me too but I agree it does fill you with a great feeling.


You and I are kindred spirits my love! I'm 9st over weight at 24 years old (yikes, I know) and I'm determined to lose it too. I've done week 1, run 1 5 times now and I'm up to the fist 5 60 second runs before I konk out...

You and I just decided to do something wonderful and we WILL get there, cannot WAIT to hear all about your progress as we go along :)


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