Someone's gonna ache in the morning!

Oh my. Week 2 run very nearly in the bag. Had to take a bit longer between 4 and 5 then missed last 20 secs or so of the last run due to hitting the pothole section of the path and not wishing to land on my face! Could just have turned round but didn't occur to me at the time, wasn't really capable of coherant thoughts by then...Still not sure it is actual running i'm doing as my "style" seems to combine elements of stagger, wobble, judder etc but better than sitting on the couch eating biccies! Really didn't fancy running this evening but the rain forecast for tomorrow was pretty motivating. Anyway, will try again on Sunday and see what happens. Hope you are all happy and healthy. My knees ache!


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  • Oh that could have been nasty. There are loads of potholes at the minute, not good for runners!

    I'm sure you'll be fine on Sunday.

    Are you stretching after your runs? I find a foam roller (or rolling pin) on the inside of my knees works wonders for aching muscles! Icing them helps too (the cold kind not the cake kind!)

    Well done on getting week 1 completed.

  • Stretching everything Irishprincess! I don't think I could bring myself to ice anything though, I am a bit of a wus (sp?). Have settled for a nice warm dog asleep on my legs!

  • Woo hoo.

    Well done MOM. :)

  • Well done on getting out there MOAM! I think if it feels like running to you, it's running. I think all of us have adopted some of your 'style' elements at one time or another during the program (and some of us still do) :)

    Hopefully your knees feel better by tomorrow. A nice bath with epsom salts might be the solution - I hate icing as well (even though I know I should).

  • Thanks runs with dogs. Not too bad today, though I have yet to go down the stairs!

  • Well done, you sound like me, and probably most of us when we first started, and in fact I don't think my style is brilliant even now! A bit sort of Groucho Marx....You might find you like running in the rain, most of us do...but whatever gets you out there is good xx

  • I'd quite like to run like Groucho Marx - at least it would be a bit faster! Actually feeling a bit sad that I can't run today - maybe I am getting the bug after all!

  • Well done - getting out there. Last night I saw a group of about twenty runners all running (well that's what runners do) along the promenade - what was interesting is just how amazingly differently people do actually run - so many different 'styles'! The point is you have a style and you are running - well done. And you'll find that most of the aches and pains will start to disappear as your muscles and bones begin to realise that they are going to have to work for a living in stead of moaning - soon they'll be enjoying it :) I've just started cycling on my days off from running and have found a whole new muscle group to ache!!!

  • Runon - all aches gone now but it could be the relief of it finally being half term!

  • Yes! Well done! I staggered mine out on Wednesday too - thank goodness for earphones that drown out the sound of my heaving breath and trainers bashing on the tarmac. You're right that any moment is better that sitting on your backside. Even a risk walk all the way round gets rid of over 200 kcals. Just the equivalent of a small burger, but it's that much energy gone rather than swallowed up on the couch :-) Careful with your knees - hope they feel better soon.

  • Ack. Not "moment", "movement".

  • And not risk, brisk. Mental note: drink coffee before commenting on forum.

  • Don't worry mfamilias - I knew what you meant - I type in a similar language. I am actually missing running today - I'm not sure what has come over me!

  • have to be careful out there :) but well done on getting out there in the 1st place :D dont worry to much about your "style" it will come the further you progress :D

  • Thanks Rob and I see from your last parkrun you are not so slow! might need to change your forum name!

  • haha everyone is susggesting i do but I started with slow rob and compared to alot I still am :D

  • Well done I will be starting w2 next week and this has given me some encouragement, having noticed someone on the bus stop laughing at me I know now for certain my style is hilarious. I'm so slow but I can only get better, hopefully!

  • Wendy - you will be fine - I actually found week 2 better than week 1 - focus on the fact it is 2 less runs and longer recovery time and just try to forget the extra running time! (Least thats what I did!)

  • It doesn't matter what you look like, the great thing is you are out there doing it. Well done.

  • Coddfish - I gave up worrying what I look like a long time ago! Can't wait for running to feel more "comfortable" though. I wonder if it ever does?

  • It has for me - I am on W7 having never really been a runner and having not tried in the past 20 years. So long as the jiggly bits are well strapped down it feels quite normal now. I don't worry when I get overtaken although it can be a bit of a shock when you don't hear them approaching.

  • You're at the roughly the same stage as me. I hope you got on ok yesterday? I've been dodging potholes too. They are most unhelpful! I have little moments of self-doubt, but agree with you - we are all out there and doing something! Well done and keep going. x

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