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W9R3 - graduation!

I think it might be tradition to celebrate by writing a blog! - have just come back from my graduation run - not the best run of the series but all they way round I just kept thinking how amazing that a simple pod cast and the encouragement of reading other people's progress could get me to the satge of running for 30 minutes and actually enjoying it.

Things I have learnt

1. getting out of the door is the hardest bit and a victory in itself

2. i-pods are complicated and have lots of tricks up their sleeves

3. commuters don't smile but dog walkers always say hello

4. you can always go a little bit further when the end is in sight

5. you may not lose weight but your shape changes - got the best feeling yesterday when someone made a compliment on my changing shape

6. you can become quite evangelical about Laura and C25K

I haven't made it to 5k so that is the next goal and to motivate myself I have printed my bar code for a park run - looking to do Bromey at the end of August - anyone out there know what it's like - think I may have to go and have a sneak preview!

Anyway - wanted to say thank you to all the C25kers out there for the encouraging posts on people's progress, if you are still in the middle of the programme, keep going because it is worth it.and you can do it

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Well done, got to celebrate graduation, commuters may not smile, but I bet you are now, well done and enjoy that feeling :-)


Great blog and well done!!


I agree with all you say! Well done, big congratulations on graduating! It is such a fantastic feeling. :-)


Congratulations!! :)

Enjoy the Parkrun, I did my 1st the other week and LOVED it! :D


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