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My W4R2 run

So today was my second run of week 4 and I must admit I struggled a bit with this. I managed to keep going until the end of each run fine but by the end I was dying. My cooldown walk up my mountain of a driveway was probably the hardest bit! And I actually felt a bit sick by that point. But nonetheless I completed it and I even went further (and faster) than in my previous run! I managed to run about 4.35km (so just off my target of 4.5k) and that includes the 5 min warm up and cool down walks. I've calculated that in the 21.5mins of actual run/walking I covered almost 3.5k, which means if I carried on at that pace I would complete a 5k in about 31.5mins! So very thrilled with that, except I'm sure I couldn't have carried on at that pace for another 10 minutes (but who knows by week 9...).

Anyway enough with the maths, I've been thinking a little since about why I found the run so much harder and have come up with a few possibilites:

1) Ran a bit further in the same time, so therefore a bit faster (most obvious reason!?)

2) It was a lot hotter and I was running in bright sunshine for most of it (even at 8pm!) which I found pretty tough. Also meant I got VERY dehydrated and a little delirious...

3) Hadn't eaten for about 5 hours (had a big lunch) - should probably have had a banana or something before I headed out.

So my motivational moral from today is even if you aren't looking forward to a run or are really struggling once doing it, just think of how great it feels when you finish and look at what you've accomplished. Today when I was finding the running more difficult I picture myself running through the finish line of a race (lame I know) but it really spurred me on! So maybe think of an image that motivates you like that and just picture it during your next run, it really works!

Thanks for reading and happy running :)

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Thanks for the tips...I'm hoping to get out and do my Wk4R1 should have been yesterday but I'm in the middle of moving house and had been lugging boxes around all day...surely that counts?

I know it's going to be hard, but I've spent so many of the other weeks worrying about how I will manage and I've been fine, so this time I'm just going to trust Laura and hope for the best!

But I will draw on your 'crossing the finish line' vision if I need to :)


Hello. I did my W4 R2 last night as well and I felt almost exactly the same. It did feel good getting home and having finished it though, you're right that that should be the focus.

Good luck for the next one! xx


W4R2 is my next. Due tomorrow. Wk4R1 was SO hard! I found that up until W4 I was coping really well, almosy a breeze. It seems like the first 3 weeks are putting in the basic ground work and then W4 is where it really starts to step up fitness-wise and its not easy.

Well done you for finishing even in the sunshine!! I have no idea how I'll ever make it to week 9 with how challenging I found W4R1. Oh well, on to W4R2!! Eyes on the prize everyone...


I completed my W4R2 this morning! Each week I've found run 2 the hardest. I think run 1 has the frisson of "can I do it?" and run 3 has the excitement of completing the week and the fear of what's to follow lol. But run 2 just needs to be done!!

Week 5 terrifys me.

Is anyone else starting to find it cold in the mornings? I run at 7am and this week have found it quite cold. Looks like I'm going to need some running gloves!!


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