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W4r2 ✔

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This was a mental struggle!

I actually wasn't even goin to run ,i was.late from work after an 10hr shift and tired ,my clothes an trainers felt uncomfortable ,I my head just wasn't in it :/ , the yoga ive been doin for the last 2wks felt strained so I had a late tea an curled up on the sofa to catch up on Facebook happenings!

I came across a few c25k groups on there the other day ,I noticed tonight on my notifications id been accepted into one of them so I clicked on it to hav a look! ,im so glad I did :D , reading through all the posts on there an seein everyones journey really spurred me on to go an do my run at 1145pm I might add lol

I decided on another 15min warm-up before starting my run well I only went an completed it! I struggled and my clothes, trainers and niggles were still there but I got tro it!

So pleased I done it now ! :D

Just shows u don't know till u try! I was so close to not running tonight and I know I would have felt disappointed tomorrow if I hadn't

Time is with 15min warm up walk and 5 min cool down walk :) quite happy with that :)

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Well done! 👊🏽

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Well done to Crazyrocheter, no harm on a midnight run

Fantastic.. I’m the same, couple of times I’ve had to really push myself but once out there so glad I went.Well done 👏

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Well done getting out there at that time of night!! 👏👏

Thanks so much for posting this. I’m due to do W4r2 tomorrow and found your post inspiring. (And I can go first thing in the morning rather than the middle of the night!)

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CrazyrocheterGraduate in reply to Jilldiamond

Aww I'm glad it helped u! :D how did u get on with ur run today ? , I done run3 tonight an it was brilliant! Hard because of the wind but by the end i was glad of the wind I changed direction an used it to push me home haha x

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Good on you so late that is real comitment! Next week you should try outdoors as it gives you so much more freedom and enjoyment! And by now you are defo ready to go into the great outdoors 🐝🐜🐣🌳🌻🌸🌾

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CrazyrocheterGraduate in reply to ele123

Thank u so much ! I took ir advice and I ran run3 outside! :D so happy I did ! , there were 31mph winds and rain but I did it! And enjoyed it! X

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ele123Graduate in reply to Crazyrocheter

That’s great! My first run was in the rain and for some reason it felt great kind of like if I did this I can do anything 😊😊😊 and then when a sunny day comes is like a blessing! I am so glad you started your journey outdoors 🤗🤗🤗

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CrazyrocheterGraduate in reply to ele123

Running in the rain is awesome! But only when ur in the right frame of mind! Haha and the right time of year :) ,thank u for ur encouragement:) x

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