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W4R2 - morning vs evening run

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Has anyone found running in the morning easier than running in the evening? I don't do a strenuous or tiring job (I sit at my desk all day!) and I've been managing all the runs so far (much to my own surprise!) but I have found that I have more oomph in the mornings. I am by no means a morning person, I'm more of a night owl, so maybe it's just that I'm running on an empty stomach and am keen to run home and get my breakfast!

Whatever the reason, run 2 of week 4 was easier than run 1, perhaps because the rain (which wasn't forecast until 1pm - thanks for stitching me up, BBC Weather) kept me a bit cooler as I shuffled round the old boating lake on the Sports Centre. I even had enough energy left during my up-hill warm-down walk to kick a stray football back onto the pitch as I passed.

Enjoy your runs this weekend, everyone!

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Empty stomach is the way to go regardless of time of day... I run evenings and go a few hours without food before I run. Maybe I’ll visualise poached egg on toast next time I want to go fast 😂

Good run today, enjoy the next.

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I love to run before breakfast. I've been told it's good if you're trying to lose weight, but I have never verified that. I do find my morning runs are faster than my evening ones, and I enjoy them more.

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I usually run mid-morning (I'm retired) , at least 2 hours after breakfast (porridge), mainly because there is less traffic on the narrow lanes where I run. If I get delayed then mid-afternoon is fine too. Some scientist on TV recently said its best to do cardio in the afternoon but I can't remember the program, and can't remember the reason but it seemed to make sense. I guess our ancestors ran when they had to ( to catch food, or avoid being food) so I thinks its only us who like to make such a thing of it all.

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I have to eat first, irrespective of time of day 😋

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Early morning every time for me. Energises me for the day. Keep at it!

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I prefer running before I get the kids up for school and I'm definitely not a morning person. It gives me an energy boost for the day and I can make the most out of those happy endorphins. Also trying to loose weight and I tend to make better food choices on the days that run. Enjoy.

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AmeryntheGraduate in reply to Gadget04

That's a good point about making better food choices - I guess the thought behind that is, 'I've put in the effort to run, let's not spoil it by eating junk'. When I run in the evenings I have the thought in the back of my mind that I'll burn off any sneaky cookies I've had during the day. Might have to start setting my alarm half an hour earlier!

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Deals1Graduate in reply to Gadget04

I prefer mornings too and agree with u in regards to the food.... although sometimes for me it works the other way and I think "well I've exercised so can eat a bit more or be naughty!!"

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I prefer to run in the mornings, before breakfast, with just a cup of tea to wake me up. But now that the days are shorter there are not enough daylight hours either before or after my commutes, to fit in any runs during the week, so have only been managing one run at the weekend, which means slow progress withe the programme

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I'm also struggling with daylight now both before and after work, but I have just invested in a woolly hat with a built-in light in the front so that should help.

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