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Over 24 hrs after wk5 run1& can hardly lift my hand to type!

Oh my goodness. My run takes me up a gradual (so my husband says,but I know it's really steep) slope and I've only had to run up the steep bit once or twice...well, run1 was uphill all the way. I nearly stopped at 1 point (makes it sound like I was running for hours,not 5 minutes!) and my chest hurt when I stopped. I was tired when I started. I had to run down a rough track AND back up. During this bit, I nearly fell over my dog because I run with my left foot on one side + my right foot on the other (a relatively remote tree lined track so no worries about looking a fool!). She gets quite depressed so normally trails behnd,but she must have smelt something good as she took of, just skimming my leg as I put my foot down. I'm going to tie a cow bell round her neck. Think I need to get a happier looking dog. I spend half my time looking back to check that she's still with me Very lucky that my memory's not great so when Laura tells me, at the start, I forget what she's said and I'm not dreading the next hard slog!

Off to make a bag to carry keys etc. Wish I was fit enough to carry a bottle of water with me...

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Don't know about a cow bell but Greyhound Rescue South West 's website shop sell bells for dogs (I think that they are actually falconery bells). You can hear where your dog has legged it to and other people also hear that you and a dog are coming! So they sound like Christmas sleigh bells ... Please remember that your dog will also be building up to running as well. I realised that my dogs were very good at doing sprints but not so good at chunks of running. My spaniel has lost 3kg!!! (he is a big boy - no lecture at the vets recently)


Thanks Rhonal, I might look into bells, but I think she'd be terrified by it! My dog's quite fit but I think you may be right, she walks for miles with short bursts of running, although, thinking about it, that's what I'm doing!


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