DONE IT! W9 nailed!

Up in the woods by 7.30, sans dog : husband taking him for a 7-mile run. I set off on my wonky circuit, lovely morning, not too cold, not too hot, not raining. The steep bit of uphill at about the 20-min mark nearly killed me but I kept on going, but I was back at the car, stretched and done at about 8.10.

Now stuffing down my healthsome porridge (with extra treacle...) in a glow - mostly my usual post-run neon-pinkness, but some of just smugness.

Next job: get graduate badge.

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  • Well done!

    Sounds like a Goldilocks kind of day to me ... not too hot, not too cold, porridge. But porridge with treacle? Golden syrup or demerara sugar for me any day :)

  • Treacle as in treacle tart treacle: golden syrup. Not black treacle, which is only used in fruit cakes and Xmas pud.

  • PS Thanks for the congratulations.

  • Well done! Congratulations on your graduation: and excellent achievement. Feel proud. Feel very proud!

    Hmmmmm, porridge. And treacle. It sounds like it shouldn't work but I can see how it would. Thank you, Becca, for the idea; I shall try this myself later. :-)

  • See reply above: I fear I may have confused people! Thanks for the congrats.

  • Fantastic. A great achievement and well done.

  • Congratulations

  • Congratulations!! It feels pretty great to graduate doesn't it!

  • Well done Becca ! Wear your shiny badge with pride ! :-) xxx

  • Pink and smug......that's the way to be. Congratulations

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Congratulations Becca, a great achievement! Umm, porridge and treacle -the food of the Gods. Yummy!

  • Well done, fantastic achievement. I am longing for some porridge now.

  • Congratulations! Bet you feel amazing!

  • Well done well done :)

  • Fantastic, well done! You deserve to feel smug. Enjoy your running x

  • Really good news, well done. Smug is justified.

  • Thanks, everyone - the smug glow outlasted the neon-pinkness.

    Now to think about what to do next... No point giving up now that I've got this far.

  • Well done Becca. Brilliant - what an achievement eh? Super duper!

  • Thanks, Dan. Still can't quite believe I did it!

  • Becca66 that is brilliant! Big pat on the back and bask in the glow :)

  • Belated congrats to you Becca and good luck with the post graduate running!

  • Thanks, Nelly. Post-grad running proving a bit slow so far but I will keep at it.

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