Week 5, Run 1 - can't believe I just typed that

Easy! Ok, not that easy.

Knee is fine by the way. Two days of watching the olympics has bored it better, I think.

A relatively painless three five min runs today. Slowest run for ages, slower than all last weeks but we're not timing them are we? I ran for five minutes last week, so not such a big deal to run five, ok three times, again today.

Friday's, run 3, though. Seems like a huge jump. I suspect its a practical joke, haha nice one.

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  • Well done! We're at the same stage - did W5R1 on Saturday & should be doing R2 today, but v tired tonight so will have a go tomorrow. Getting a bit freaked out at the thought of 8 minutes x 2, but nothing ventured nothing gained as they say. As for R3 - well, everyone else seems to be able to manage it ok, so we must be ready mustn't we...

  • R3 is pretty much the length of an entire episode of Neighbours! Still can't believe I 'll be able do that. Everyone must be in on the joke. Looking forward to trying, hoping the 2x 8 mins goes ok.

  • It's amazing how we all think we'll never go from 5 minute runs to the 20 minute one, yet we do! You'll manage the 8 minute ones next and then the 20 minute one is just the 8 minute runs joined with the interval walk- simple! Week 5 is a good week because it's after that you begin to think you might make a runner. Have a good week :)

  • I've thought I couldn't do every week, yet here I am on week 5. As impossible as it seems it must be doable, exciting, really looking forward to it now. I'll be punching the air on Friday if all goes well.

  • My plan is to do R3 on Friday as well. Fingers crossed for both of us!

  • Did you wear your white and gold trackie? Well done, Crampy!

  • haha. and holding a cornetto in the air, yeah! Why was there no-one cheering me along though and where was the kerb crawling bmw

  • Friday's the big day for me too. Hard to imagine actually doing it. But think how ecstatic we'll feel when ( if) we do! Deep breath, fingers very much crossed....

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