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It felt almost as good as graduating!!! Done a week 5 run 3 at my fastest rate :)

Still going gentle because of a tender upper back. I have not done a thirty minute run for some time.

I have completed three twenty minute runs now. I am only going to increase them when i feel up to it.

Today I managed to do the run at 9kph. Twenty minutes at 9kph (a small confession, i dropped to 7.5kph for about a minute half way through, my heart rate was bouncing around 180bpm, it went steady so i upped it back up to 9kph).

It was always my desire to get to complete 5k in 30 minutes. Only then have i truly graduated.

I made real progress as not being able to run for a month put me back somewhat, i couldnt just pick up and do a thirty minute jog.

I figure if I do a couple more twenty minute @ 9kph, and try to do without the mid way slow down, and then try to do three ten minute runs with a calm down walk of a few minutes between each of them.

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