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I love sweat stains (week 8, run 1)

I love the big old disgusting sweat stains under both arms and down my back...

The scaly skin developing on my skanky feet...

and my bright tomato red, shiny face before I've completely cooled down.

All these visible signs of effort!

Week 8 Run 1 done today. I fudged the numbers somewhat over the past couple of weeks - it looked like this:

Week 6 run 3 - 25 mins, done

Week 7 run 1 - 15 mins, walked the rest (hungover)

Week 7 run 2 - 25 mins (based on week 6 run 3 podcast)

Week 7 run 3 - 15 mins, walked the rest (too hot)

Week 8 run 1 - 28 mins, done

It's not perfect and I maybe should have done another 25 minutes, but I told myself I'd stop at 25 mins if it was too much, and turns out I could keep going.

Nearly there!!!

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Hey, me too. Always feel satisfied with great big sweat patches on my t shirt. :-)


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