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Week 8 run 1. Disaster?

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Morning! I got up this morning and got ready to start week 8. I didn’t get the best sleep and woke with a sore throat. I almost didn’t go but last run was Saturday and don’t want to lose momentum.

Went and struggled for the first 5 mins, kept wanting to clear my throat and my breathing was heavy. Was determined to keep going though. 2 mins after Jo told me I’d been running for 5 mins, my shoelace came undone. Swore, stopped, bent down to do up and my overhanging tummy hit my phone in my belt and activated Siri. Got my music back running, checked the app (had it pause on me once before when someone FaceTimed me). It appeared to still be counting so I put it back in my belt and continued. It was getting warmer out and my calves were aching. I was longing for Jo to tell me I was halfway but she never did. In the end I lost heart and started to walk. Upon checking my phone, the app had paused 😡. Checked Strava app and it said I’d been moving for 24 mins, so I’m guessing I must have run for 19. Walked for 2more and then fast forwarded C25k app and tried to run for the last 5 minutes but found it a real struggle. Probably managed 3 before giving up and walking back to the car.

Feeling a bit gutted, though wondering if I perhaps shouldn’t have even bothered going out at all today. Home and my throat is now very very sore.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself to be honest!

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No disaster, more a pain in the b.m I think! Hope you get back on track before long and feel fighting fit again!

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socklady in reply to Oldgirlruns

Thankyou. I guess I did still run for nearly 20 mins which is more than I was a few weeks ago.

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Hi socklady, Well done on running when you were feeling poorly. Don't be hard on yourself, if you hadn't run you may have been telling yourself you should have done ( well that's what I would have done). Maybe take a couple of days to get better and the next run will be awesome! Well

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socklady in reply to bananahead

Thankyou. To be fair I was already plotting my next run while driving home. I’m hoping this sore throat will do one and I can be back out there on Wednesday.

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Oh I’m so sorry - that sounds awful. Well done for going out at all. Sounds like you still did a good bit of running so still a success. Have a couple of self care days and don’t push yourself too hard. A few days of rest won’t make any difference to your momentum.

I was already to run the other day and popped my phone in my running belt without realising it was on upside down. Phone fell on the floor, and I made a complete prat of myself trying to reset counters and headphones while still running in case it was recording and turning belt round. Must have looked like a loon!

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socklady in reply to Bumblebetty

Thankyou. I guess going out at all is better than not. Hopefully I’ll nail kt Wednesday!

It is just one of those things. You only work out whether you should have run by trying! Uncertainty makes me a bit anxious, and then other mistakes follow like app mishaps ..it all happens together. I would have a couple of days rest and see how you feel then. We have all been there. At least it sounds as though you didn’t pick up an injury so😊👍

Thankyou, I think the uncertainty of week 8 definitely didn’t help!

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Never a disaster... You still went out despite not feeling great and managed to run, give yourself a pat on the back for still doing it 😊

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socklady in reply to Julia187

Thankyou. I guess some run is better than no run!

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