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Well today we decided to go on a bike ride it was run day but thought oh well will do that tomorrow.

Cycled about 4 miles or so and wanted to go further we were by the coast and worked out the way through to next cycle way.

Got through there and was just looking ahead to see way was clear of day trippers and hit a mound of sand.

As I fell I heard my ankle click twice (sorry if that is too much info) and knew it was broken.

We were debating our options for getting back to our car, I couldnt cycle or weight bear when my night in shining armour appeared in the guise of a life gaurd. After taking it all in he called his boss who took us back in the landrover. The bumps were agony but eventually got to hospital and xray to see a break in the bottom of my fibula.

Now I am learning to use crutches which I hate its an upper body work out just getting to my kitchen.

Will be in plaster for 6 weeks then who knows. I am so sad about this as this my 60th year was gearing up to be my keep fit year.

I will stick around and encourage everyone from the sidelines.


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  • Sounds sore - hope you make a speedy recovery.

  • So sorry to hear about your accident. My mum has done the same thing, but she recovered and she was nowhere near as fit as you so hopefully you will be able to bounce back really soon. Glad to here that you are sticking around, hopefully we will be able to help you as much as you help us.

  • Thanks feeling a bit sorry for myself atm but hopefully when pain eases I will feel better.

  • Hope you mend quickly!! Xx

  • Oh Glenda, sorry to hear your news :( But as FluffyPigeon says, hopefully your increased fitness level will have you back out there sooner rather than later.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • What rotten luck!

  • Hi

    You are allowed to feel sorry for yourself and a bit angry and pissed off. You do sound like the sort of person that will get through that and concentrate on getting better, before you know it the plaster will be off and you will probably be in the hands of a sadistic physio, who will having you runnning a half marathon by the end of the year.

    Time does pass quickly, you will be out and about before you know it.



  • Sorry to hear about your ankle I can imagine how you feel because I broke mine 2 years ago when out walking the dods. Went over sideways on it.

    Make sure that you elevate it to start with to help any swelling go down. I was told to sit or lie with it up for a week, just getting up to go to the bathroom etc. it definitely helped.

    Agree re the crutches. I just couldn't use them. Once I could weight bear I managed to hobble around using the 'shoe' thing the hospital gave me. By rhe time the 7 weeks was up I could get up quite a speed. We also borrowed a wheelchair from one of the local charities so that the family could take me into town. It was just so depressing being confined indoors. Mind, being hurtled round the shopping centre at breakneck speed being pushed by an 18 year old boy was a pretty scary experience.

    Finally another tip - get a 'limbo' bag to put on so that you can have a shower. They are fantastic and totally waterproof. Search for limbo on google and if you can't find them let me know and I can give you the details. I bought some cheap fluffy bed socks from primary and they fit over the cast.

    Hope all goes well. Mine made a full recovery but I did go to a sports therapist afterwards to get some decent rehab exercises as the nhs consultant said no physio was necessary and I just had to practise standing on one leg!

  • Sorry some typos:

    Walking the dogs.

    Socks from primark.

    Nhs said physio unnecessary.

    That's what you get for typing on iPad lying in bed!

  • I am really sorry to hear this, and it must have been quite a shock. Don't leave us..and please recover soon!

  • Oh no, Poor you!

    Keep your chin up and try to enjoy this rest because once that pot comes off you'll be back out running in no time,obviously not as soon as the pots off, don't try running out of the hospital or anything ;)

    Lots of running magazines and keeping an eye on all of us should help to keep you keen.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • Oh no what a nightmare! Hope you are on the mend very soon.

    On a plus note (if there is one) you now have the perfect excuse to sit on the couch and watch loads of the Olympics!

  • Very sorry to here your news - Take care and hope it gets better soon :-)

  • That was unlucky. Hope it heals quickly, good luck :-)

  • Thanks for all the replies really cheered me up this morning after a very disturbed night.

    I will read them through again and write down all the suggestions.

    Good luck to all those out running today take care.

  • Oh no, poor you! Hopefully the six weeks of plaster will pass quickly.

  • Sorry to hear this happened to you Glenda, its going to be difficult managing with your leg in plaster. But you can build on your upper body strength.

    My best friend had a similar accident before Christmas and by May she was able to walk 2 miles.

    Keep your chin up , as well as your leg.

  • Sorry to hear this. But [tries to offer a positive thought] remember that if you've graduated once you can certainly do it again. You may even heal faster because you're fitter because you're a runner now (Laura says!)

  • ooh, poor you, sounds nasty. I'm sure you'll keep your fitness levels up with getting round on crutches, As others say you can work on upper body strength. Saw this on the lidl site, and it reminded me of a cardio machine I use in the gym, like peddles for your arms. Haven't used this particular model so can't vouch.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

  • so sorry to hear of your accident. I did the same thing a couple of years ago but was back to fitness very soon after the plaster was removed and did a 15mile walk a few months later so don't worry about long-term effects- it's a temporary setback, I'm sure :)

  • Thanks for helping me see past this "tempory set back" maybe I should just chill

    watch the olympics and read on here of course.

    My arms are really useless atm so any help with muscles there will be great.

  • Oh what bad luck! Hope it gets better quickly. x

  • OH dear, so sorry . Hope your ankle mends quickly and you're son up and about again.

  • Wow...really so sorry to hear about your accident...right now I'm in a walking boot (ankle stress fracture) and I know you've got it harder than me...but had to send you a wish that your time will pass quickly and that you get back on the healthy mend. Read lots and lots of running mags and those other books you've put off til now and try to keep your spirits positive. I'm rooting for you that you'll back to running in no time!

  • Thanks lolly I feel loads better today the pain is easing off and that alone is worth its weight in gold.

    I will not let this ruin everything and now thinking of strengthening upper body, out come the baked bean cans.

  • Just seen your post, :( what rotten luck, hope your ankle is soon on the mend, take it easy, lots of tea and TLC required. Hope you make a speedy recovery.:)

  • Just read your blog....what really bad luck.

    BUT loads of olympics, books, relaxation, upper body workouts, and all in the knowledge that even if you had to start at week one again, you can do it ! !

    Best of luck, keep in touch... :)

  • So very sorry, please know we all feel for you. What a stroke of bad luck after all your efforts and enthusiasm. I know you'll get through this and come back to running even if it looks like a long way off now. Keep blogging us so that we know how you're getting on, won't you?

    I was feeling sorry for myself today as my first post-graduation run ended in disaster after 20 minutes with calf pain. I could barely limp home. Then I read your blog and told myself to stop wingeing. Good luck and hope the pain subsides quickly.

  • Oh no so sorry to hear this, wishing you a speedy recovery :-)

  • Thanks everyone your comments are really helping feel more positive I am not the first to hit a set back and you are back on your feet.

  • You poor thing, but as everyone says you will be running again when you've got the all clear. In the meantime I've found some chair exercises for building upper body strength! Isn't the internet wonderful!! Let us know if these are any good - you can do them whilst watching the Olympics!

    Good luck!


  • Oh Glenda, just read your post, what an awful shame, just when you could enjoy all the hard work you had previously done. Take care rest up and you will be back running in no time :)

  • Poor old you I've come back tonight after eight weeks off following a fracture of my sacrum (bottom of my spine) it was a long wait but it's worth it in the end be good and do what your told !

  • thats great redface when do you intend to start again are you ready to run or will you be walking to start.

  • Missed your post as was on hols and had no internet. What bad luck! :-( Still I hope you will be back up and about and running for Britain once the physiotherapists (my auntie called them physioterrorists when she broke her arm! ;-)) get hold of you. Hope you are enjoying the Olympics and not too fed up. At least it's a good excuse to sit on the couch and watch for hours. I'm doing that with no excuse! Hang in there and stay in touch. Pingle

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