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Week 8 over, now to go from 28 to 30 minutes!

It seems that for the last few weeks I've been counting minutes which feel like hours between running 20 minutes (week 5) to 25 minutes (week 6 and 7) to 28 minutes and I've been wondering why those additional 3 minutes felt so much longer than any other three minutes (boil-an-egg minutes, clean-my-teeth minutes, 100m-freestyle minutes, one-track-on-my-ipod minutes, all those are no-time-at-all-minutes!) Now I tell myself I've only got to do 2 additional minutes during week 9 to reach the magic 30. I've had to slow my speed from 8.5kph to 7.5 to be sure of reaching 28 minutes but I think I should be OK keeping to that speed for next week and then I'll work on speeding up gradually. Only 3 more runs- amazing :)

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You are doing great and speed doesnt matter you will do it even if you need to slow a little bit more. Good luck.


good luck :)


Doesn't that feel wonderful? Hope you have 3 more great runs!



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