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Can't get over I've actually completed wk 4 run 1. Amazing!!!! And in this flipping heat!!!

Well it's amazed me, I completed the wk 4 run 1. And in this heat as well. Struggled on the first 5 minute run towards the end as it was a slight incline, but I kept breathing deeply and carried on. After that we were on the flat again for the next 3 minutes and finished just before the huge great hill, great timing so fast walked up that to get to the top in my 90 seconds, shattered at the top just in time for my last 5 min run but I was determined, kept it slow, practiced my breathing every 4 or so paces and some how my breathing fell into place and I could carry on. That's the first time I started to feel comfortable with my breathing. So pleased and really proud of both myself and my wife for doing it.

We both agreed that If it is this hot for the next run we will go about 8.30 pm when the temp as cooled down instead of 5.30 in the raging afternoon sun. Well happy :-)

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Congrats! Don't forget to hydrate well and keep up the great work!


Well done, Jimbob and Mrs Jimbob. You SHOULD be proud of yourselves. Have done W4R2 today and it certainly didn't go as well as yours....


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