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I missed you guys ( and girls)

Hi ! After a week off from my marathon training as I was waking up exausted, today I "hit the road" again with the pod cast for the week 6 run 1. I thought It would be a challenge to go back to the 30 minutes running ( or better called fast jogging) but with my surprise I did it with no problem at all. The reason for being so tired and betray you all is because I went back to work after 2 years off and I found difficult getting up at 5:00 to do my jogging before going to the office. In the night I would comeback to tired to log in, however I soon realised that without all your posts I was loosing the motivation needed, so here I am happy to be back again !

I also downloaded a pod cast from " motion traxx" but I find it very noisy for a 5:00 am jog, so looking forward the new so much dreamed post cast with Laura keep me motivated!

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