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You just gotta do it... Yay pleased to say I have!!

After many set backs, bad knee and bad back I have sometimes felt like I am going backwards.

But last night I finished my last run.

Feels great and I now need to concentrate on reaching 5k in that time.

Defo got the bug now and this program is great. Like the last song - you just gotta do it!

So glad I can now say I'm a graduate :)

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Very many congratulations on battling through to becoming the proud owner of the discreet little grey badge. You would have thought they could make it flash in rainbow colours for a week after your graduation, at least.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Thank you all its great to be able to all share our trials, tribulations and successes. You have all been a great inspiration whilst I have been working through this program, just need to get my speed up now - have downloaded the 5k+ podcasts so I have still got target to aim for.


Congratulations. Well done.

S x


Congratulations wardae, happy post grad running & enjoy getting to 5k


Well done! Fantastic achievement. Enjoy it...


Well done Wardae.


Congratulations - feels great doesn't it? Enjoy your runs"


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