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wk3r1 against all odds

So chuffed completed this run and felt so good for doing it. Got to bed after 2 as my little toddler has chicken pox and he was so so sad, then little baby decided to waken at 2.30 and needed some mammy time until 3.30!!!! Woke late so thought no chance of gettin run in. On the road for 8.30 as hubby said he'd hang back and look after little ones. Absolutely spilling down and soaked to the skin but boy did i feel good on completing it. I know any other "exercise regime" would have been hit on the head but I think Laura wills yea on and I know my day has been so much better for this challenge!!!!

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Well done Foges! I did one of my week 3 runs in the rain. I started of thinking that I must be mad but by the time I finished I was loving it.

I did W5R1 today in (if I remember it correctly) sunshine and was wishing for the rain again.

(Hope toddler feels better with Chicken Pox - I remember when our twins had it both at the same time - not a pleasant week. Saved by the recommendation to use Bicarb of Soda in the bath to dry up the sores).


Hey you are doing well on wk5 all these posts are so encouraging hoping to complete r2 this eve!!!!

Had him soaking in the bread soda and even made up a paste with buttermilk and soda - old remedies best ones!!!


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