Couch to 5K

Woo Hoo, against all odds, I made it to graduation!

I was so looking forward to running week 9 run 3 tonight but nearly didn't make it. I've never ran at night before, I'm an early bird but had to change plans due to work commitments. I got home as quickly as I could to start the run but it was just so hot and I'm not good in the heat so I had to postpone the run for a couple of hours. It was so hard to get myself out as I'd started to unwind but out I went. The first half mile was really tough, but I could see my shadow running in front of me and the sight of my big hips spurred me on. After a mile I turned into the sun and it was so bright I could hardly see where I was going. It was like this most of the way. My sunglasses are now in my pocket for next time! There was a couple of times when I felt sick and I found the evening traffic a bit of a nuisance. I had to slow down or jog on the spot at a few crossings. However I kept on going and completed the run even if it was slower than usual.

Thanks Scipio, Oldgirl and mrqwest for your words of encouragement.

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WELL DONE TWIZZLE!!! Welcome to the club. You can call yourself a runner now. You obviously wanted it bad to get out in the traffic like that. You have done it.

Isn't it a great feeling? Savour it.



Thanks Iannoda Truffle, it hasn't quite sunk in yet, but I'm so pleased with myself for not making excuses and skipping the run tonight.


Well done Twizzle, you should be really proud of yourself xx


Congratulations Twizzle.... that's just brilliant and good on you for getting right out of your comfort zone and still managing your grad .run even if it was much later than planned.

Hope you've applied for your well-deserved badge !


Congratulations Twizzle!! Fabulous news! Bask in the glory! :) x


Very well done Twizzle!!! I am so happy for you!!

You did it!

Sorry for all the exclamation marks, I'm almost as excited as you are. It's great to follow someone's journey and see them graduate. Congratulations.

Your Graduate badge is looking great, by the way x


Thanks everyone, I just love the support and encouragement on this site and couldn't have done it without you all :-0

Can't believe I've got that coveted badge under my name or that I can now call myself a runner!


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