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Week 5 final run completed I feel great

I just ran 20 minutes. Pain free, the second half was easier than the first half.

This has taken 6 and a half weeks. Three surprises:

(i)I am 60lb overweight and 52 years old. In November I didn’t think I would be able to run even one of the one minute runs in week one.

(ii)It is the busiest time of the year at work and somehow I am out here midmorning having my run!!

(iii)I seem to have tons of energy for everything.

Thanks everyone who posts here . they are so helpful.

HAve a great day everyone . I will

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Congrats ;) it's brilliant to get to the first long run and you did great!!


Wow, well done you. It just goes to show what you can do when you try and put in the effort. Hopefully you can now see that running for 30 minutes is very doable. Great news that you are seeing positive results in your increased energy levels. Keep up the good work...


Congrats! I've got that coming this evening. 20 minutes. Seems such a long time. But I WILL do it. :)


Please don't forget to post and let me know how it went. I so hope it is a good run for you!


Congratualtions! Even better that the second half was easier than the first :-)

Keep going, you're on the home straight now :-D xxx


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