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Since July 2013 I have lost 21 kilos, joined Pilates classes twice a week, have undergoned a small cancer and now run 25 mn ( Week 7 Run 2 on Saturday). All these changes are a tribute to my dear friend Nelly who lost her battle against cancer on June the 2nd. Rest in peace my beauty and stop laughing and teasing me because I am not a runner. I AM ONE NOW ! Unfortunately you won't ever see it but when I run and it gets very hard, your smile and the memory of your voice help me.

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  • It's always hard losing someone close - and cancer is a terrible disease.

    Great that you were able to turn the tragedy into something positive. Well done with it all - and keep it up. For your own sake as well as you friend's.


  • This and you are incredible, I sat rather stunned for a bit before I could think what to say, which probably means I should have said nothing.

    Well done and God bless

  • What a lovely heartfelt post xxx

    Well done, I am so sorry for your loss but I am sure Nelly would've been so proud of you ....

    Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Gosh this post made me all emosh. What a lovely tribute to your friend and testament to your own hard work too.

  • Oh I am so sorry to hear about Nelly, but I think it's brilliant that you're finding strength in the memory. Well done!

  • A very moving post . you and your running are a great tribute to your friend :)

  • Amazing....that's you and what you have achieved. You have done your friend proud.


  • A beautiful tribute to your friend. Congratulations for achieving so much!

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