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Week 5 Run 3 - did it!

I was wingeing last time on here: "oh, my shins hurt so much", "I can't go on like this" and "oh, poor me" when I tried Week 5 Run 3 and failed dismally after 10 minutes.

Just to let you know, the toe-tapping exercises are painful but good, and with the help of ibuprofen, some 80s rock tracks and a sunny morning, I managed the 20 mins!

More - after the 20 I thought I would just run to the end of the Queen track I was on (ha! Fat Bottomed Girls - how appropriate!!) and then of course it was nearly an extra five minutes so I struggled on and did it.

25 minutes - woohoo! Now for the dreaded Week 6 run 1 which seems to break everyone again.

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Oh wow! Well done you and what a great feeling! Now you can go into week 6 and start a new trend - actually enjoying W6! Good luck and you can do it! :)


Thanks, hollyO - not sure about enjoying week 6 but I'll try!


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