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Week 5R3 - You were all right

So after my nightmareish W5R1 I did W5R2 on Thursday and was pretty much done by the end of it! I didn't hold out much hope for W5R3.

Turns out I was completely wrong. W5R3 was the easiest run I've done this week. I had looked at the elevation data and reversed my route as a result. Was starting to get tired coming up to the 10 minute mark, but that's because it's mostly up hill till there and I knew it, which helped a LOT.

So, Laura says there is 10 mins left and I'm like Wow, I've done 10 minutes. Then she tells me I've done 15 mins and I was blown away because I felt better than at 10 mins. Then as she told me I had two mins left I got a message on my phone from my fiancee telling me that I was late and she was defending my lunch from our 4 cats. That pretty much distracted me from the rest of the run and the warm down walk ;)

Week 6, I'm comming to getcha!

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What a fantastic post, well done!


Wow - well done! I have week 5 coming up & I'm very apprehensive, hope I can do half as well as this.


woo hoo, well done you :)


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