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Week 3, Run 3.1 - kind of enjoyed it?

Well, I eventually woke up, the rain eventually stopped but sadly the ex-crow was still sprawled across the pavement - hurdled him expertly though. Maybe it'll become my official starting marker. Or a mascot. I wonder which one of us will fare best after 6 weeks. Me or the rotting carcass?

Yesterday I was setting myself up to quit. I was beginning to think I wasn't improving. I wasn't feeling any fitter and thought; if I was told to run for three minutes on Week 1, I'd have probably just semi crawled it with exactly the same speed and exhaustion as I did on Monday. I was almost giving up on this whole thing. The novelty of being outside moving a bit was beginning to wear off.

But! I think today is the first time I've actually noticed an improvement. And there was this fleeting nanosecond of almost Gump-like zen running, a brief moment of some kind of jogging serenity during that initial manic 90 second bout. Which was quickly replaced by familiar feeling of sore shins and exhaustion for the rest of the session.

At the end of the second three minuter I wasn't so out of breath. I even tried to push it a little more and carried on... for 6 more steps, but still.

Next week's five minutes doesn't feel quite so daunting.

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Yes, it's tough but you're doing it, and I know that if I had attempted to do 3 minutes in week 1 there was no way I could, 60 seconds was hard enough.

Anyway, you can't give up.... What about your fans waiting patiently for your next blog (and the picture of your ears!)


This post is wonderful. I think the crow really makes the story... that and the fact that you actually enjoyed a little bit of the running!

Well done for the run, and good luck for when you do get to the five minutes!


Another run completed, well done. I'm still waiting for that moment when I 'enjoy' the running (rather than just enjoying completing it!). Have fun Counting Crows.


Well done for carrying on with the running. I'm starting week 3 tomorrow and am pretty scared - 3mins seems such a big jump from 90s! But hopefully I'll make it out alive. I haven't finished editing my obituary yet, after all.


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