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W1R2 - Ridiculous

How ridiculously proud of myself was I? Beaming like some deranged nutter in the gym when I got to the end of my 20 minutes. I really didn't think I would (a) make it at all or (b) actually enjoy it but the sense of ridiculous achievement was quite overwhelming!

I had read what other people had to say and thought "oh I won't be like that" but hey what do you know - roll on R3!!!

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Conratulations! I had a similar feeling completing runs in week 1. It's amazing what we're capable of :)


I have felt proud after every single run, I can't believe I'm actually doing this, only on week 3 so not too far ahead, but I can run for 3 minutes now after struggling with run 1 on week1. Enjoy the feeling it gets better with each run x


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